Fake News Political
is When Professionals Provide Inadequate, Bias Information.
Being Unintended, it is more acceptable. Being more acceptable makes it
Worse Than Lies and Propaganda Disguised as News

Political Fake News is Concerned With Personality, Not Policy
Personality Entices Constituents, Policy Requires Understanding

Prelude: Ease of Audience Acceptance Creates Political Correctness
Often Concerned With Personality, Not Policy
Bias Quantitative Information Allowed By Many Media, Economist, Politicians

Political Economy Reporting as Fake News


The media and the economics community feel little responsibility to explore
and report on success probability of potentially beneficial projects.

Finding a Knowledgeable Person since Fake News may be he learned.
 It comes from most Authors, Think Tanks and Academic "Experts,"

Does The American Public Understand These Political Issues



U.S., citizens spent much time and money with great success
 lowering pollution of production methods over the last 25 years.
China and the EU did the same.
world pollution still went up 40%.

Some anti-pollution activities are too costly
yet most professional treat them as indispensible. 

Prime example is the Keystone pipeline
Any reasonable cost/benefit analysis says build it!

Trump's Made America Great Again is political Hyperbolae. It is not Fake News. It is propaganda.

But, did the America understand what happened to jobs this century?

The media and the economics community feel little responsibility to explore
and report on success probability of potentially beneficial projects.




Does America know Some Wars on Never End

The War on Terror of Bush 2 and Nixon's War on Drugs
 are political hyperbole that too quickly become political correct.

 Media critics asserted that the term "war" was not appropriate
since there is no identifiable enemy.
Once the money flowed,
prejudice for safety dominated.
The best use of funds is ignored

A Look at History

Many years ago, the NY times reacted to massive competition by giving both sides of the story.
It won the battle, Yellow Journalism Crested, and then fell for 100years. 
It Bottomed in 1969 when the fairness doctrine for the broadcast media was eliminated.
Talk Radio and
Identity Politics Flourished.


Society is Trying to Adjust

Individuals need self-authenticity, autonomy, choices, social identity
 and a collectivity based of nationalism and or religion.

Alienation drives a massive need for Community, Acceptance, and Dignity as
observed in the populism of the Protestant Reformation, Hitler's Fascism and Now the Rise of China.
Revolutions are not the Radicalization of a Belief but a Belief Being Radicalized.
Understanding of these complex events are not provided by Mass Media
 and the result is Fake News.

Protestant Reformation improved Western Culture.
 Fascism tried to Destroy Western Culture and lost.
Can Nonwestern Culture Peacefully Coexist with Western Culture?

Question: Where is the discussion on the Nuclear Treaty?
Is Almost No Reporting by the Mass Media Fake News?

More from the Editor

The Trump victory was a reaction to liberal Democratic Identity Poetics.

Richard Nixon's election was a reaction to the liberal Great Society.

Many Trumps Tweets are Political Hyperbola, should be ignored
even though they are easy and good for ratings.

See Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
Was the Bush Family Trump Without the Rough Edges?

This is a part of the
"Cycles of American History."

See Why Trump Won and American President

Trump is effectively unique.
Ben Franklin said we have "a Republic, if you can keep it."
It has never been easy or  more nations would accomplish it.

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