Election Issues
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1) Debt will continue under scrutiny with the cost of  Obama Care added to private and public underfunded pensions, social security, and big time military spending. Here is some data and my two  cents printed in red. 

The Big Secret Behind Federal Debt



2) Health Care will be a main topic of election discussions as voters choose between the president and state officials who have budget problems and need decide on accepting the cost of Obamacare's expanded  Medicaid program. Here is some data, comments from mainstream media and comments in red from yours truly,  

Who Will Solve These Health Care Problems
Why Health Care Cost are Increasing  need a lot of help!  e-mail comments

Cutting Health Care Cost
 needs a lot of help.   e-mail comments

3) Education in a
Capitalistic Democracy requires a look at
U.S. Education vs. Germany and Britain, Our Biggest Value Added Competitors  
is a subject I became interested in when I semi retired in 1989. 
Fifty plus years of studying U.S. Education has lead me to Individualized Curriculums-a way to improve education, keep valuable teachers, and lower cost. 

4) Election Economics   page 2        

5) One problem I have with voting for Obama again is he did exactly what Bush II and Romney would have done in respect to Iraq and added Afghanistan to the fight.
     Bush added drug payment without pay for them to Medicare and Obama has added Obamacare  to with not enough to pay for it in the first few years  and my 
     guess will be that budged revenue will be too low and budgeted expense too high. He could defer the additional expense portion but that would be a change in politics!
     Video-Obama Attacks Banking Fraud is another example of recent past and current candidates for presidents are all the same. View and decide if you agree.

6) Election Platform is something I wrote for fun a year ago before a big President Obama speech. 




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