2002 Early February my contract doesn't roll and I'm done in June of 2004
A. Don Anderson and I agree to terms and I retire the end of February
B. Go to Italy see the rest of the story of Richard, Loraine. and Cherry
C. Visit Fort Worth spend 4th of July on a house boat time share I own with Tony and Lynn. A second full week with Richard and Loraine proves interesting.
D. Drive to West Coast by way of Michigan and back through Michigan where I see a different side of Jane Struggle and then to NH
E. House I bought for $40.000 is sold for $170,000. I pocket close tom $150,000..
E. Drive to Myrtle Beach and find nothing I like as a temporary retirement place for a year or two and go to Michigan aiming to check out some lakes I had seen in west central NC
F. Return to NH and close house and back to Mooresville for an 18 moth rental on Lake Norman in NC.
G. Buy cheap furniture, three beds, a $13,000 Sim2 HD projector TV, and a $5,000 boat.
H. Net worth on 12/31/02 is $810,000
2003 Living in Mooresville
A. Unscheduled visit To NH to visit Debbie
B. To NH for scheduled eye doctor, snow of 22 inches
C. Bobby visits for Golf
D. Rich and Lorraine visit and we visit Statesville and Dolly wood
E. Take Aunt Alice to airport to pick up Janice. I have been taking Alice and her roommate to dinner and been invited to dinner.
F. Struggle visits to help with boat
G. To Chicago for Scots wedding very hot, Bones gives his own toast at wedding to  "our Jewish friends"
H. Unscheduled visit To NH for Bone's heart attack and Cherry does her thing in Carver. I decide associating with her and her siblings is not worth the effort.
H Pick up Aunt Alice at Airport. She is not very friendly. Cheery strikes again!
I Marietta's homecoming.
J. Income tax in NC and not being happy at the golf course I joined causes a need to move.
J. Drive to Pensacola and drive east to central Florida where Joe Coffee lives to search for new residence.
K Second trip to Leesburg.- Coffee lives to search for new residence.
2004 Moving to Wildwood Florida
A. On third trip rent a holding space and find a place for the month of April
B  Buy a furnished 1400 square foot two bedroom open concept manufactured home for $89.000 paying cash at CCC
C. Join CCC and play a lot of Golf with George Graff and Jerome.   Both die of cancer within three years
D. Trip to LA and AR to avoid first of three hurricanes.
2005 A. Bobby visits for golf.
B. Give up Bourbon
C. Join Minoa Lake golf course in June to play with Bandits
D. Visit NH late summer where I take Debbie to DJ's and taste Bourbon which is awful for the last time and visit with Stan who was a year from his cancer death.


A. Visit Apalachicola which I love for the outdoor jazz bar hoping and Saint George Island.
B.  Call Debbie late on her birthday.
C. Trip to Brownsville Texas and half way to El Paso to see Texas Western. Rain sends me north to San Antonio and home.


A. Trip to Memphis where I never found nice area and Knoxville a nice city where I stayed at Comfort Inn near the strip.
B. Became the Guardian Angel to a dog
C. Trip to forty-fifth reunion is OK and the whether is outstanding so I visit all of southeastern Massachusetts over two days.



A. Join Minoa Lakes for one last full year of golf
B. Bobby died
C. Trip to through Big Bend National Park (Pot smoking Heaven) on way to El Paso an awful city the north through SE New Mexico and home through Abilene and Waco.
D. Red Sox Weekend
E. Build deck



A. Trip to Red Sox spring training
B. Universal weekend
C. Trip up the Mississippi to Wisconsin then east through upper peninsula of Michigan
D. Trip to Apalachicola where economy has killed atmosphere
E. Pat died
E. Trip of two nights to Miami Pat's game


A. Blackie died in June
B. Accident in Palatka caused by missing road signs leading to missed stop sign.
C Trip to Ohio to visit Football and R and R halls of fames for an hour each and weekend in Marietta is cut shot after paying for two nights



A. Two nights in Panama City
B. Alma visits
C. One night in Old Town
D. Trip to Saint Augustine for a night or two
E Homosassa weekend ends after only one night.
F. Quick Notes History
takes more time
Increased Internet interest expands Basic Characteristics of Capitalism.htm to include Politics
A. Ben Visits
B. Trip to 50th reunion and NH ends after only two nights in Kingston
2013 A. Trip to Los Vegas for week ends after only two nights as really cheap hotel and no computer causes problems
November brings Zoloft then a really rough two weeks and walking to stay out of house until 4PM
2014 Lots of walking
Audio Books begin  and book summaries begin in earnest
Political Economy takes most of my time, need to be out of house dissipates
Nov Bladder issues leads to diapers
2016 May Creatinine high- 119
Day to take Alma and Gail to Naples from Orland and then a day taking them back
2017 May got uncontrollable shakes, need for paramedics. hospital found nothing after  $5,000 in tests
Creatinine high- 217

Nov Kidney scan-bladder backing up affecting kidney, Creatinine hits 289

Urologist 2 fired for inappropriate bladder tests

2018 Jan Kidney scan confirms Kidney problem

March Mayo Clinic Prostrate operation works

Off Diapers

Nov Creatinine 184

Nov got uncontrollable shakes, need for paramedics. hospital found was terrible, left ER and had terrible time getting home

2019 Drop self imposed protein diet restrictions as a waste of time

Nov Creatinine 176

Nov Scan shows stones

2020 Jan better scan shows no stones   Say no to a motherly urologist who recommends a preventive medicine kidney operation

Creatinine stable at 171

Not affected by CV as I only go out to shop, shop daily  at a convenience store, and buy a pizza to go in Clermont twice a week

Creatinine stable at 171


Semiretirement  Began in 1989

I taught 8 classes a year and wrote the Quick Notes Learning System.


Our foursome decided to take a road trip.
Golf got boring in Phoenix so we went to Tucson.