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Many students are also using our Free Statistics Lab Manual
which loads into Excel and other spreadsheets.
It is really a Quick way to learn.

Designed to use with any software, problems are from our free Quick Notes Statistics textbooks. It had 90,000 free pdf  downloads during December of 2019. Hopefully, users did not have to buy a traditional high-price book. Thanks! Walter
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A. Testing Procedures

1. Procedures for Solving a Statistics Problem

2. Probability Tests Taking Tips

3. Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics

4. AP, SAT Test Prep



Calculator Generic Problems

A . Generic Problems
Part I Descriptive Statistics

Part II Practice Probability

Part III Inferential Statistics

Part IV  Correlation and Regression

Software Practice Problems

A. Data Loads Into a Spread Sheet
Taken from our free
Quick Notes Statistics textbook.
they should load into most statistics software.
1. Set 1   2. Set 2

I used these 3 tests before retiring. They demonstrate how statistics can be used to analyze research.

Descriptive Statistics Test
Test Answers

Probability Test
Test Answers

Hypothesis Testing
Test Answers

B. Statistics Reviews
1. Formula Reviews

2. Categorizing Statistics Problems
helps determine correct test.

3. A Taxonomy of Statistics

4. Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics

5. Statistics Reviews
short and not short reviews


B. Tests
1. Tests from our free textbook
Quick Notes Statistics. They cover descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing and correlation/regression.

2. True or False Questions Involving Elementary Statistics

3. Multiple Test Questions With Answers
and links to lecture data. From Brian Schott, Decision Sciences Department of Georgia State University



Sample Statistics Research Project
has data for most software

7. Our free Excel Statistics Lab Manual
was used by my last few statistics classes as
a lab or take home tests.
Pass word is aprilblackie.
Data sets may only load into Excel.

Descriptive Statistics     Answers
Probability     Answers      

Hypothesis Testing     Answers

C. Topic Review
. Type I and Type II Errors

2. Hpothesis Testing

3. Quantitative Techniques Handbook

Sundry Stuff
. Relief for AP Teachers

2. Stats Articles Blog

3. Webinar Recordings

AP Stuff

Free AP Statistics Tutorial  

Good Stuff Especially for AP statistics

AP, SAT Test Prep





C. Other Software Stuff
Practice Set Problems with answers are from our free
Quick Notes Statistics textbook. new
pdf version
Instructions are for early versions of software.
Software Info

SPSS   MiniTab  StataQuest TI-84

Free Stat App of L. Green Lake Tahoe CC

D. Video Lectures

4. Behavioral Science

5. Social Sciences

5. TI-84 Instructions




Video Lectures


StataQUEST Help
is old!



Minitab Help #1
Minitab tutorial
Minitab tutorial (word format)

On-Line Training Workshop



Related Free Learning

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1. Writing Support

Research Paper Structure 2 min

Creating an Outline 3.5 in

 Introduction 7.5 min

Discussion Section 8 min

Writing a Conclusion 4.5 min

2. Research Paper Overview

How To Write A Research Paper Fast 5 min

How to Write a Great Research Paper 34 min

How to Write a Great Research Paper from MS  58min



3. Internet Tools

15 Writing Papers and Essays Faster 3.5 min

Finding Online Sources Research Papers 10 Min

Citations Using Word 12 min

Basic MLA Research Paper 15 min


4. Practice
Research Project

 Statistics Lab Manual another sample research project

5. Exam Help
Try Our Free Quick Notes Statistics Programmed Text

Free Problems Improve Skills Practice Problems & Solutions

 Practice Tests & Answers