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January Retrospection Bias


February  When to Hold When to Fold That is the Question!


Trump should have but did not change directions because of Coronavirus 19.
His advisors should have gotten to him earlier, but they to held their cards!
Now it's Americas Card Game!

Bush 2 listened to his Neocon Advisors Too Long and America is still at war.
General Powell should have folded his responsibility to the President card, instead he went to the UN.


To Sell or Not to Sell That is tie Question?



March Roadmap: Growing Good Jobs
Choose a City to learn
recent Growth plus Median
and Low Wage Data
The Washington Post

Ranking Current US Job Markets



April Trump-Care

Week Ending

4/25/20 Coronavirus: medical experts denounce T's theory of 'disinfectant injection'
5/16/20 White House Orders Staff to Wear Masks while T leads the "no mask political movement." Deaths to be determined!
loses fight
with  Attorney General Barr, Defense Secretary Esper and  Joint Chief Chairman Milley concerning  deployment of FED troops in DC.

Former T Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis fumed that T was using two Defense Department Generals to further divide the nation.

Former T Chief of Staff J Kelly  believes "the partisanship has gotten out of hand." and  we should "look harder at who we elect"  Go to January