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1) The denominator of a fraction is at the ______________ of the fraction.

2) The numerator of a fraction is at the ______________ of the fraction.
Arrange the following phrases into three descriptions of a fraction. Place the
top description above the line and the bottom description below the line.

Whole parts

Important parts

Total number of parts


Parts of interest


3) _____________________

4) ______________________

5) ______________________

Fill in the two columns to the right.


Written Description

6) A penny as part of a dime



7) A nickel as part of a quarter



8) Four people share a pizza. What fraction did each receive?



9) In the three examples above, each fraction is __________ (larger or smaller) than the previous fraction.

10) 3/7 of a pizza is larger than 3/5 of a pizza. True or False Answer ________