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Unit 43 Word Problems Using Algebra and Geometry
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Quick Notes stars problems 2-4 on this page. Students have been told that starred problems are very difficult. Students are encouraged not to worry if they can't do these difficult problems. Why? Because there are very few of them on their test and doing them correctly is not required to pass the test.


1) One end of a 20 foot ladder just reaches the roof of a house. The other end is 12 feet from the side of the house. One gallon of paint covers 160 square feet. How many gallons of paint are needed to paint one 40 foot side of this house?






2) Carlos walked 1.4 miles further than Darin during the recent "walk for children" fund raiser. Together they walked 17.4 miles. How far did each person walk? Hint: Let x equal the shorter distance.





3) John wants to tie a rope across a river. He drew these similar triangles to determine the river's width. Find its width.





4) Kathy is 7 times the age of her daughter Jane. In 8 years she will be three time as old. Find Mary's age.

Time Jane Mary