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Unit 41 Word Problems Using Ratios, Rates, and Proportions
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Instructions: Solve these problems using the procedures outlined on page 112. Those viewing these pages at http://businessbookmall.com should click
on Introduction to Multi-step Word problems for a copy of these procedures.
1) New York and Los Angeles are separated by 8.8 inches on a map. 1.1 inches on the map represents 350 miles. How long would it take to fly from New York to Los Angeles traveling at 500 miles per hour?

2) Carmen drove 60 miles per hour for 5 hours. On average, her car uses one gallon of gas for every 24 miles traveled. Gas costs $1.10 per gallon. How much did she pay for the gas used during the trip?

3) Five pounds of hamburger can feed 25 people. Tony bought enough hamburger at $1.79 per pound to feed 35 people. He paid with $20.00. How much change did he receive?