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Unit 40 Practice Problems Using Fractions
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Instructions: Solve these problems using the procedures outlined on page 112. Those viewing these pages at http://businessbookmall.com should click on Introduction to Multi-step Word problems for a copy of these procedures.
1) A book isinches thick. How many books can be stacked in a 10-inch space?









2) Anthony plans to study hours this weekend. On Saturday morning he studied hours before lunch. After lunch he studied hours. How long must he study on Sunday?


3) Alice sold her $120 dollar CD player for its cost. How much more money does she need to buy a new $175 dollar CD player?



4) Maria needs to feed 12 people at a small banquet. Each person will receive of a pound of roast beef costing $3.30 per pound. She paid with $20. How much change did she receive?