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Unit 36 Business Formulas

Instructions: Solve the following problems using the page 92 and 94 procedures. Be sure to state the unknown quantity, the given quantities, the formula, and label your answer.
1) Calculate the amount of simple interest earned on $800 invested for four years at 4%.

2) Calculate the amount of profit earned by a company with revenue of $630,000 and costs of $355,000.
3) A $375.79 CD player is being sold for $339.99. Find the discount.

4) A large pizza costing $13.92 contains 12 slices. What is the cost per slice?
5) What was the total revenue of a company with profit of $185,000 and costs of $265,000?

6) $14.00 interest was earned on an $80.00 savings account earning interest of 5%. How long was the money invested?

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