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Books , Notes and Videos

Basic Marketing Class Notes

Basic Marketing Course Notes from Know This

Marketing Notes  from tutor2you

Marketing e-books is an extensive collection

Marketing Management Class Notes

Dan Cobley What physics taught me about marketing.

Quick MBA on Marketing covers basic marketing concepts.

Viral Marketing Videos

Marketing Theory

Basic Marketing concepts from Net MBA 

Viral Marketing

Visionary Marketing presents a marketing-orientated to information systems.

Marketing and Sales has branding, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, and more.

How Elasticity of Demand Affects Total Revenue Marketing

Learning Center has material for students, teachers and professionals. 

3 Free Business Book Summaries Include N Y Times

Marketing Sites 

Marketing Teacher -provides learners, teachers and professionals with resources.

Word Of Mouth Marketing Association

Marketing Virtual Library is an all-inclusive site. has extensive marketing and sales material.

Chief Marketing Officers from many of the world's largest brands explain the latest changes in their approaches to marketing

Marketing Blogs

Adrants consumer research

Duct Tape Marketing

E-mail Marketing Practices

Marketing Blogs from Online Public Relations

Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

Marketing Vox


Wonder Branding--marketing to women

The Diva Marketing Blog

Marketing By Industry

Agricultural Virtual Library Michigan State

Marketing help for accounting firms  

Marketing Management

Management Internet Library 

MBA Internet Library 

Marketing Research

Research Paper Internet Library step-by-step

Market Research Articles college reading list.

Marketing Templates for business or a class

SISA free internet statistical calculator

Predictive Analytics: Using Big Data

Marketing Magazines

Selling Power Magazine is for sales managers.

Vocational Information Center has careers information.

Marketing e-books

Marketing and E-commerce Dictionary of Terms

Readings on Internet Marketing

Taming the Beast for Internet Marketing

Free Internet Marketing Books

Marketing Jobs


Marketing /Sales Jobs, Nation

My Sales Jobs is for those looking for a job.

$10k+ Job Search Engine - Six Figure Job Search

Making It in Public Relations from Merlot

Sales and Marketing Executive International job stuff



Advertising Age covers all the basics.

Ad Slogans

AdFlip is an extensive collection of classified print ads.

Does Advertising Actually Work?  podcast 11/18/20

Public Service Advertising from Goodwill Communications.

Reading in Advertising and Promotion 

Public Relations

About Public Relations NEW


Public Relations and the Internet

Public Relations from Merlot

Guidelines for measuring the effectiveness of PR

Programs  from Merlot

Online Public Relations Home Page

Public Relation Blogs Online Public Relations



Direct Selling Association
is for those who sell directly to consumers.

Selling Power Magazine is for sales managers.

My Sales Jobs is for those looking for a job.

Sales and Marketing Executive International
 is for those looking for a job.

Sales Trax is for those looking for a job.


Five Ways Brands Changing Playbooks Win 1/20

Most Valuable Brands
in America 2000 to 2013 from BW

Latest US Bran Rankings

Source: @Carl Quintanilla, @tveskov, @dgelles


The World’s Most Valuable
 2017 Brands WEF



Apple, Product Revenue

Source: @WSJ; Read full article 

Among the iPhone’s Biggest
Transformations: Apple Itself WSJ



Among the iPhone’s Biggest Transformations: Apple Itself WSJ