2. How Students, Parents, and Local Communities,
Working Together,
Choose and Prioritize Goals

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Prologue Consider Historical Education Advise

Confucius "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.
P. Drucker emphasize what learners do well. 
T. Cowen treat best students special, others should be motivated.


  1. Choose the amount of pedagogy, a more teacher-centered and andragogy, a more learner-centered method.
 Tech Base, Real World, Activity Driven, Question Oriented College Curriculum

2. Guided by Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

3. Should Curriculum Based on What Student Do Well
math, verbal, arts, sports, mechanical...

   Maximize the minimum for
Special Intelligence
, what student does well
   Maximize the maximum for students with a really high specially intelligence 
   Minimize the maximum regret by increasing graduate rates.

4. Decide on Community, State, or National Based Curriculums

5. Use Individualized Curriculum

6. Accountable Charter Schools Goal Fulfillment using community cost/benefits analysis.
     The Right Way to Assess Charter Schools
     Exploring the Consequences of Charter School Expansion in U.S. Cities

7. Maximize Use of Free Internet Learning Materials
    Free CoursesTextbooksQuick Notes TextbooksQuick Notes Course MaterialsReference Library



Editor's Note from Walter

intelligence and motivation are normally distribution
and some or on the high side of both.

Other have a higher end.

Few are always in the lower end.

Years ago I Flipped my Accounting, Economics and Statistics Classes.
 Result: Top 25% learns lots more, remainder learned the same.
Computer Lab was available during class.
All did less work, especially the better students, who worked at home.

Reflections of a Life-Long Teacher