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1. Microeconomics from You Tube     2. Topics for Economic Discussions

3. Capitalism and Political Economy     4. Sundry Political Economy     5. Politics

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6/29/20  Special Studies Alarmists Battle Do-nothings Over Covid-19 Lockdown  

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1. Microeconomics from You Tube 

1. Moving vs. Shifting Demand
2: Algebra of Supply and Demand

4: Normative vs. Positive (The Wide Scope of Economics)

2. Topics for Economic Discussions
A From Kingston Univ. London Written by John Lounsbury

1. Why Economist Disagree? 1 hr 8 min

Lecture 2  The Mainstream and Why General Equilibrium is Unstable

Lecture 3 The Austrians. Real Knowledge, Disequilibrium Credit

Lecture 4 The Post Keynesians: Realism Uncertainty, Endogenous Money and
Financial Instability

Lecture 5 The Common Blind spot on the Environment

Lecture 6 Minsky, Financial Instability, The Great Depression and the Global Financial Crisis

Lecture 7 Why the Euro is Destroying Europe

Lecture 8 The Fallacies Underlying Quantitative Easing

Lecture 9 Austerity, Budget Surpluses and "Sound Finance"

4. Sundry Political Economy


4. Politics

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Nazism And Neoliberal Mythmaking, Part I: German Reconstruction As State-Phobia

Part II: The State As Killer

Part III – Europe and the Centre-Left Fall under Hayek’s Spell

Part V -A Map of Hayeks Delusion

5. For a little humor try