Capitalism in Crisis

Political Systems

Political Systems

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Capitalism in Crisis

When Capitalism is Great and Not- So- Great 14 min
Unfettered Capitalism Hedges & Moore 9
The Success and Price of Capitalism 61
The Crisis of Capitalism, Critique14
The End of Capitalism 85
Capitalism in Crisis 100

Political Systems
Republic vs. Democracy and other governments 11
Origin of Democracy 46
Athens-The Truth About Democracy 48
Federalism 2



Descriptions of Modern Capitalism

Hunter Lewis on Crony Capitalism 30 
How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets
The Private Sector Against Corruption 30 min

Politics of Government

The Basics on Political Systems 13
A Republic No More 63

Economic Systems

Laissez fair Capitalism vs. Socialism
Capitalism and Socialism is more of an editorial. 14
Capitalism v Socialism Crash Course uses humor 14
Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist  4
Capitalism vs. Communism 

Oligarchs Still In Control

Oligarchs R. Morris 37, H. Salomon 42 and wealthy businessman financed US Revolution
Terminal Democracy 21
After Democracy 49
Legalize Democracy 30
Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule 1 10


Great Recession from a Classical-Keynesian View
Roger Farmer Pepperdine School of Public Policy

Who are the Academic Scribblers 9
Refining Classical Economics 9
Effect of the Great Depression
1970's oil shock shocks world of economics 9
How bad is the economy and where is it going 8


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