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ACT 52 Math Problem Types You'll See 20 min.


SAT and Act Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences/Series using TI84 27 Min.

SAT Math Test FULL Review of 50 Problems in Algebra, Geometry, Calculator & Non-Calculator   172 min.



TI-84 Statistics Lectures many 1-10 min lectures

Statistics Sample Research Project Using TI-84 and other statistics software

Statistics Course Using TI-84.htm non-video collection has many practice problems


Algebra 12 min. and Factoring 9 min.

Linear Algebra MIT Open CourseWare many 40 min videos


Calculus Using the TI-84 Plus 29 non-video modules


TI-84 Time Value of Money Learn about inters with 14 short videos


Calculating monthly car payments 8 min.


Putting Games On TI-83 TI-84