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Descriptive Statistics

1. Taxonomy of Descriptive Statistics


Taxonomy of Probability

Inferential Statistics Relational Statistics
2. Taxonomy of
Relational Statistics
Taxonomy of
Parametric Statistics

Taxonomy of
Nonparametric Statistics

2. Descriptive Statistics  


Inferential Statistics
Inferential Statistics 2

2. Formulas
Correlation and Regression


3. Class Lecture Notes
Descriptive Statistics 12p
3. Class Lecture Notes
Probability 12p
3. Class Lectures
Parametric Statistics 12p
3. Class Lectures
Nonparametric Statistics 6p

3. Class Lecture Notes
Correlation and Regression

4. Video Lectures
Descriptive Statistics
4. Video Lectures
Statistics Lectures
Probability Lectures
4. Video Lectures
Inferential Statistics

4. Video Lectures

5. Tests + Solutions
   T1   T2

    S1   S2      S3 

5. Tests + Solutions
T1     T2
  T3   T4   T5  T6
S1   S2 S3  S4  S5 
5. Tests With Complete Solutions
 T1  T2   T3   T4  T5    T6    T7    T8 

  S1    S21    S3   S4  S5   S6    S7   S8 

5. Tests With Complete Solutions
T1    T2  T3 

S1   S2  S3  


Quick Assistance 
Understanding Hypothesis Testing     

Choosing the Correct Test       Executive Summary     

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1. Writing Support

Research Paper Structure 2 min

Creating an Outline 3.5 in

 Introduction 7.5 min

Discussion Section 8 min

Writing a Conclusion 4.5 min

2. Research Paper Overview

How To Write A Research Paper Fast 5 min

How to Write a Great Research Paper 34 min

How to Write a Great Research Paper from MS  58min



3. Internet Tools

15 Writing Papers and Essays Faster 3.5 min

Finding Online Sources Research Papers 10 Min

Citations Using Word 12 min

Basic MLA Research Paper 15 min


4. Practice
Research Project

 Statistics Lab Manual another sample research project

5. Exam Help
Try Our Free Quick Notes Statistics Programmed Text

Free Problems Improve Skills Practice Problems & Solutions

 Practice Tests & Answers

Statistics Tests Using Excel
  Excel Probability Test       


Excel Hypothesis Testing and Correlation/Regression/Test


Free Statistics Software Video Lectures   Excel    Minitab    SPSS     TI-84

Free Statistics Course Materials   Excel    Minitab    SPSS    TI-84

Study Aides

The Supplemental Learning Materials of our free Internet Statistics book has many useful statistics learning tools.

Our Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel so these problems with directions and data sets
 are easy to use.  Just follow the directions and quickly see the result.
Complete solutions provided.

Review Topics with a one-page Taxonomy of Statistics