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Economic History
Prelude: Modern Western Civilization Economic History
1. Building A Democratic Federalist Capitalistic Republic
2. Economic Normality Changed Seven Times 1945-2015
3. One-Page Historical Studies
4. Has Capitalism Failed?
5. The War

Political Economy
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3. History of U.S. Political Economy
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1. Building  A Democratic Federalist
Capitalistic Republic

The Early Colonial Period
Determining Political Power and "We the People"
Increasing We" of "We the People"
Thomas Jefferson Leader of the Opposition

Constitutional History of Our
Democratic Federalist Republic
Capitalistic Democracy Profitable Government


2. Economic Normality Changed
Seven Times 1945-2015

Rising Income
Increased Foreign Competition Began 1970's Wage Stagnation

1980's Less Financial Regulation, Slow Wage Growth
U.S. Financial Bailouts and Economic Recovery
Poverty Stuck at 15% Since 1984
Profit Growth Beats Wage Growth in New Century

Wellbeing Continuing Growing


3. One-Page Historical Studies

        Financial Crisis Internet course
     a. The Great Recession 3 p
b. Financial Crisis Videos

History of U.S. Economic Growth
The Cost of 20th Century Wars
U.S. Economic History Since 1900 3p
Most Severe Recessions 
Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p
 Great Recession 3p
20th Century Decade Evaluation

A Brief History of U S Banking Problems
History/Politics Book Summaries  1 p

4. Has Capitalism Failed?

Macroeconomics Overview
World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared
Trickle Down Economics
Wage Growth Analysis
When Does Income Inequality Affects Growth
Elizabeth Warren’s Blames Oligopoly Power
Criticism of Modern Capitalism

Taxing the Rich
Income Inequality Affects Growth

Political Economy Videos
One Page Economic Issue
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Economics 1 &2 Review Materials
Economics Interactive Class Notes
Math Review basic math for microeconomics
Formula Reviews are concise
Math for Economics Formula Sheet

International Trade
7 Economics Test Reviews


Quick Notes Programmed Textbooks

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Many Problems with Complete Solutions

Financial Accounting

Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators

Financial Accounting Practice Sets

Economics Class Notes &Links

Pre-Algebra  Mathematics



1. The Basics
Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic

U.S. Political Economy
Building A Constitution
Political Economy Readings
Some States Wealthier Than Others

2. Presidential Courage
One-Page Per President
Brave Leaders and How They
Changed America 1789-1989
By Michael Beschloss  

G. Washington created Executive Privilege pdf
J. Adams avoided a Quasi-War with France
which cost him reelection.
A. Jackson
took On Eastern Oligarchs to serve rural America.
A. Lincoln required freeing the slaves as a condition of saving the Union.
T. Roosevelt took on monopoly trusts to protect, farms, consumers from high prices.
unpopular stance of planning for war was still elected for terms 3 and 4.
HT quickly recognize the new sate of Israel in the face of pressure from all sides.
continued to push school integration despite potential political pressures.
RR hastened the end of the Cold War with massive deficit spending.

3. History of U.S. Political Economy
Political Eras One 1788 to 1892  
Political Eras Two 1896 to 2016   

Presidential Elections One 1778-1824   
Presidential Elections Two 1828-1852      
Presidential Elections Three 1856-1892       

Presidential Elections Four 1896-1928   
Presidential Elections Five 1932-72   
Presidential Elections Six 1976-2012  

Rigged election . . . Sowed-Doubt and Nearly Led to Violence

4. Political Economy Book Summaries
Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How
They Changed America 1789-1989, 
by Michael Beschloss,

Presidential Politics Party Politics and
Presidential Elections  from 1788 to 2012

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power, 2012,
by Jon Meacham

Second Chance
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower

by Zbigniew Brzezinski

American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush
 by K. Phillips

Turning Points in American History based on a Great Course Audio

A Very Brief U.S. History Political Eras and Important Events

20th Century U.S. Decade Ranking
Which Decade Was Best, Worst?

Don't Know Much About History
 Everything You Need To Know About American History
But Never Learned by Kenneth C. Davis

Generations and The Fourth Turning William Strauss and Neil Howe

1. Country Issues

Solving the Deficit Problem 

Can We Afford Entitlements

Solving the Lack of Good Jobs

Income Inequality

Middle Income Stagnates

Everyone is on Welfare

Is U.S. Free Enterprise Working

2. Individual Issues

Economic Wellbeing

Economic Future of Our Children

Are Child & Youth Protected

Prime Age Males 25-54 Work Less

Can Education Reduce Inc. Stagnation  

3. Political Issues
Our Democratic Federalist Republic?     

 Should Tea Party Share Its Debt Tea?   

Is Politics About the Money? 

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Is the Country in Trouble?

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege

4. International Issues
Lost International Greatness

Lost Economic Greatness

 Free Trade Solution or Problem

The Problem of Terrorism

Recent Terror Information

The First Trump-Xi Meeting

5. Current Article and Videos
Future of Euro
Western economic historical view of why countries have debt

Should We Thank Steve Jobs?
5 min video

6. Special Topics

Political Economy Readings

Internet Readings List

Income Inequality Affects Growth

Economics of Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Power Elite

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege

Capitalism Not to Blame for
Middle-Class Plight

Why Trump-Sanders Phenomenon
Signals an
on the Brink of a Civilization
-Threatening Collapse

Economic Issues

Wage Growth Analysis





Economic Classics
1984 Spark Notes

Animal Farm Audio Book
Animal Farm
Spark's Animal Farm

Affluent Society, The
Atlas Shrugged Ayn R Collection
Ayn Rand Interview  video
        Ayn Rand 1 of 4. video
     AR&C. Hutchens On God video
     AR&C. Hitchens Rand

Brave New World A. Huxley audio 
Spark Notes
     A. Huxley Interview video
Who are We A. Huxley video
Today's 1957 World A. Huxley

Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy by
J. Schumpeter video
Communism, The Principles, F, Engels
Communist Party, The Manifesto of the
Critique of Pure Judgment, The  
E. Kant

Das Kapital
C. Marx changes the next century
Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville
You Tube Audio       Audio

 Economic Consequences of Peace
, Keynes
Employment, Interest and Money, General Theory of

Federalist, The Founders design US Government
France. Reflections on Revolution in E Burk
Free to Choose 10 videos M. Friedman

Gilded Age The Twain’s book on a wealt 

How the Other Half Lives 1890's tenement life
Human Action Some feel Mises's 1940 book is best
defense of capitalism ever written

Jungle, The  Upton Sinclair 


Leviathan T. Hobbs social contract discussions

Muckrakers and their works

New Industrial State, The J. K. Galbraith

Knowledge in Society, The Use of F.Hayek

Octopus, The A Story of California. Book 1 of a trilogy

Politics 1   Book 2   youtube 1   youtube 2  Aristotle

Population, An Essay on the Principle of T. Malthus
Power Elite, The
Power distribution in 1950's America
Prince, The Machiavelli defines cutthroat politics

Republic, The Plato discussion of political economy
Rights of Man, The T. Paine  of Democracy

Second Treatise of Civil Government, The J. Lock

Social Reform or Revolution R. Luxemburg

Theory of the Leisure Class        Audio
Theory of Moral Sentiment A. Smith 

The State & Revolution V. Lenin

Classic in the Making Videos

Austerity - The History of a Dangerous Idea
Mark Blyth 67min. Interview 56 min.

The Great Deformation 68 min. D. Stockman
Video Interview
57 min.

New Thoughts On Capital in the 21st Century
T. Piketty
21 min.
Debate 79 min

Globalization and Its Discontents by
 Joseph Stiglitz

   Discussion 62 min.

Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Audio 1  2 3
Worldly Philosopher, The

Current Videos


Mark Cuban: Trump Won't Solve Job Problem
Economist Mark Blyth: How Democracy Failed Workers

Theory and History of Economic Stagnation

Keynote from Mark Blyth 23 min 10/22/15
1 "Theory and History of Economic Stagnation" 31 min
2 Discussion Q + A  36 min

Mark Blyth Deflates Secular Stagnation 52 min 2/20/17

5. War on Terror

U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

The Basics
A Concise History of Christianity
Middle East Facts
40 Maps Explain Middle East
The Middle East: The Way It Is and Why
Middle East Conflict in 11 minute video
Iran 20th Century History
Iraq 20th Century Iraq
Islamic Fundamentalism


Sunni-Shiite Conflict History
Sunnis/Shiites at War 

Modern Players
Militant Hamas Vs. Moderate Fatah
Afghanistan/Iraq Wars to Forget
A Look Back at Afghanistan War

 Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015   

Other Stuff

50 Years: Legacies of the 1967 War
6 short videos

Conservative Brookings Institution

many short written reports

Podcast: The 1967 War 57 min podcast

Free Textbooks


High School


Arts and Science

MBA Prerequisites

Searchable Libraries

Free Learning Materials

The War Book Reviews

 “Fire and Fury” Inside the Trump Whitehouse

The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army Book Reviews from the New York Times, Crooks and Liars, and The Economist

How jihad went freelance
 is a review of three recent books. Al-Qaeda has  evolved from a single group to an amorphous movement. Does that make it less dangerous or more so? Jan 31st 2008 of The Economist.

The Center Holds Obama and His Enemies is "the th

Nemesis by Chalmers Johnson from Stephen Lendman of counter currents "Our democracy and way of life are now threatened because of our single-minded pursuit of empire with a well-entrenched militarism driving it that's become so powerful and pervasive it's now an uncontrollable state within the state."

How You Can Kill Al-Qaeda in Three Easy Steps review from  Boing Boing  
I just got done reading Howard Clark's new book "How You Can Kill Al-Qaeda (in Three Easy Steps). He's an ex-Marine and former Homeland Security adviser who says the way to win the war on terrorism is to help empower the mainstream Muslim community, who in recent years has been overshadowed in the public spotlight by fringe Al-Qaeda extremists. The whole idea of fighting terrorism with ideas and not weapons is definitely nothing new, but Clark's populist tone and foreign policy street cred was a refreshing perspective to have in the discussion. "Click on the link below in the next 30 minutes and I'll throw in this egg slicer absolutely free! Here's how to order!" Book's official site...

One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy In this CSPAN2 book interview,  Allison Stanger talks of her book which looks at the increasing use of private contractors by the U.S. government and argues that with proper oversight contractors can be valuable tools for carrying out our foreign policy.  Includes audience Q&A. 

rilling story of one of the most momentous contests in American history, the Battle Royale between Obama and his enemies from the 2010 midterms through the 2013 inauguration." Video by Jonathan Alter, 2013  

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century. By Christian Caryl. Basic; 400 pages argues that 1979 belongs to the select club of real turning-points: "years in which one era ended and another was born. 1917 proved to be a bloody dead end and 1848 proved to be, in A.J.P. Taylor’s phrase, “a turning-point in history when history failed to turn”. But others, such as 1789 (when France’s ancient régime collapsed) and 1517 (when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door), resound down the ages." Editors note: Was the liberalism of the 20th century coming to an end?

Free Trade Doesn't  Work by Ian Fletcher, adjunct fellow at the United States Business and Industry Council, and CPA' In his effective 267 pages of text, Ian Fletcher dissects and often demolishes fundamental teachings about the benefits and risks of trade and replaces them with evidence based updates.  He then recommends a practical alternative based on clear objectives.


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