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Psychology and Its Role in Marketing

Consumers tend to change their preference between two options when a third, less attractive option is presented.

Marketing Gist: When consumers are faced with many alternatives, they often experience choice overload, in an attempt to reduce this anxiety, consumers tend to simplify the process by selecting only a couple of criteria (say price and quantity) to determine the best value for money which is harnessed for benefit.



Marketing Gist: The way you spread information and engage your consumers plays out in marketing. So companies tend to display their products in such a way that consumers see a certain gain.



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Exponential Growth is Terrifying  

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COVID19 Never Grows Exponentially

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Monthly Question  Capitalism Caused Middle-Class Plight?

Special Report: Geopolitical Turmoil  1/20/19

Special Report  Working With Communism
Russia, China-Rivals, Adversaries or Enemies?

Chinas Emerging Political System

China World View Determines Strategic Policies

Chinas Aggressive Strategic International Plan


Responding to China: A Strategic Plan

China's Korean Peninsula Policy   

China Today and Tomorrow

Post WW2 International Growth-Rise of Populism

COVID 19 Death Cycle

Covid-19 Compared to
Pandemics of 1918, 1957 and 1967

Media Caused Hysteria?

COVID 19 Morality Thought Experiment

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