Fake News
Unintended Fake News is not intended communication.
When Professionals Provide Inadequate, Bias Information.

Ease of Audience Acceptance Allows Lack of Depth

Source Sports Internet Library

1. Fake News: Belichick's Failed at Cleveland
a Losing 3644 Record.
of the five-year experience revealed 



W L    
  1991 5 10    
  1992 7 9    
  1993 7 9    
  1994 11 5

 NFL's number one ppg defense of 12.8

 Won Wild Card Game Beating Patriots

  1991-4 totals 30 33    

1995 Beginning

3 1

Franchise Leaks Move to Baltimore

  Remaining 2 10


  Total Totals 36 44  


2. Fake News: Curse of the Bambino
Selling one of the Baseball's Greatest Players put a Curse on Red Sox

Analyze Reveals

Harry Frazee bought the  Sox in 1916 and soon made a couple of notable trades with the Yankees.

The curse began after the Sox lost the 1918 World Series though the sale was in 1920.

Sox Manager Ed Barrow left to be Yankee general manager in 1921.

 Other Sox players were later sold or traded to the Yankees.[11]

 The term "curse of the Bambino" was created by Dan Shaughnessy 1990 book
The Curse of the Bambino Source

Most Famous Failed Owner:
Tom Yawkey Beloved Red Sox Owner Never Won a World Series
Reluctance to employ black players (1933-1976)

Finally a Successful Owner
John W. Henry's Ownership
hired a front office headed by Larry Lucchino
Follower of
Moneyball sabermetrics of Bill James,
The ownership curse ended with the
 2004 World Series.

It Should be the Curse of Ownership
Curse began shortly after new owner.

Boston Sports Success Always Determined by Ownership ability.

Ranking Boston Sports Ownership

1. Bruins with 25 Divisions since 1928 is longest period.

Most successful Celtics Owners.
Walter Brown 1946 - 1964

Good when new good owners let "Red" run the show
Boston Basketball Partners LLC  2002-

Most Successful Patriots Owners 

Billy Sullivan 1960 - 1987 AFC original owner, built Foxboro Stadium
sold his original $25,000 investment to
 Victor  Kiam for $83 million who
sold after one year sold to

James Orthwein who hired Bill Parcells and insisted on
using first-overall draft pick to buy the "Groceries" quarterback 
Drew Bledsoe.
His threatened move to St Louis never happened thank to
Boston paper magnate

Robert Kraf, the greatest owner in Boston Sports History.


3. Bill's Famous 4th and 2 Indianapolis Decision on the 29 yard line

Situation: Tired Defense, On the Road, In a Dome, and being playing
Peyton Increase Indiana's Chances of turning kick turning into a Pat's defeating touchdown

Logic of Decision was Similar to Bill's First Great Super Bowl Decision of Going for the Win.
John Madden Immediately Said Waiting for Overtime Was the Correct Decision.
 This Time Bill Went for It and Won.  Against Peyton he Lost.

Analysis was Too Complicated for Mass Media.

Bill's Simmons in Depth Analysis was Great
Bill Simmons is sticking with Bill Belichick for the long haul, but don't ...

"When your coach lets you down with 
a decision that makes no ..... "

Had the Patriots punted, Peyton
would have had to pull off a third long touchdown drive to win the game.

I doubt he's banking those famous 19-hour work days anymore...
 See fan comments at Source.

This great analysis belongs in a statistics classroom
as it demonstrates the difficulty of using subjective statistic.