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Fake News: Analysis from respected media, economist,
politicians, and professionals based on
inappropriate data
 and analysis
to enhance personal ideology.

Trumpisms-Not Lies but Exaggerations
Trump Unemployment Campaign Message
Puerto Rico's Hurricane
Birthright citizenship
Understanding Truth is Not Easy

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Trumpisms are Not Lies but Exaggerations
Especially If Discussions on Nuclear Disarmament, Voter Unhappiness... are Ignored!

"You've got to remember, he is a real estate guy, a promoter ... 
And so he comes from a world where you exaggerate; there's a lot of hyperbole."
Michael Bloomberg

"I don't see a train wreck."
You have to translate what he says and just focus on what he does."
Nassim Taleb


Trump Unemployment Campaign Message

Trump's Claimed Actual Unemployment was 42%

Was it Exaggerations, a Lie, Hyperbole, or Appropriate use of an Economic Statistics?

What Trump Meant Requires Interpretation.
Trump's campaign statement should have said the US employs about 60%
    of the population which means 40% are not working, they are unemployed.

Understanding Unemployment is complicated. Six measurements are required.
   Headline unemployment is the lowest estimate.
It is used by anyone wanting to simplify or some personal belief.
   Trump used data important to his constituency.
Reporting it any other way is Fake News

Politicians, Economist and the Media have been allowed
Choice of Measure for many years.
This Creates Unintended Fake News.

The media and the economics community
feel little responsibility to communicate relevant truth.
   Doing so is difficult for the media plus it causes poor ratings.

Media and economists must analysis
what is behind Trump's thoughts in relation to policy.


What Trump Said on Puerto Rico's Hurricane
 “Fifty Times Last Original Number NO WAY!” Trump's

What Trump Meant Requires Interpretation

Direct Hit cause about 60 deaths, Increase had little to do with FEMA performance.
 Culprit for much larger death toll was poor infrastructure.
     Failure was federal and local government politicians. 
   Puerto Rico competes for Federal funds with education, the military,
US social programs, and support for the elderly.
Which Would You Cut?
Opportunity Cost of more spending should be considered relevant.

The Fake News is Dominated by Trump's Use of Data and Hyperbole.
What Was Not Being or Ignored is Often Unreported 
Pulling out of Turkey 10/7/19 Fulfilled a Trump Campaign Promise!




 Birthright citizenship
It is probably a 14th amendment question.
Once determined he can eliminate Birthright Citizenship, report pro and cons.
Anything else political hyperbole


Why the United States Has Birthright Citizenship and Steve Bannon Oxford Q and A
has interesting implications acknowledged by few in the media.
The why of the recent populist movement requires investigation.



Understanding Truth is Not Easy


Professional fools speak the truth but people in charge do not want to hear it. Fools have a special license.
 from Erasmus and The Humanist Comedy


"They're the only ones who speak frankly and tell the truth,
and what is more praiseworthy than truth."

They may have no idea what offends while professional fool only say what the boss wish to hear.
 "...fools can speak truth and even open insults and be heard with positive pleasure;
indeed, the words which would cost a wise man his life are extremely enjoyable when uttered by a clown."

 Why doesn't Chris Mathews seek the truth
 from opposing sides on Hardball?

Jon Stewart Says Trump Appeals to Media's “own narcissism”

 Finding a Knowledgeable Person
since much of our news comes from
Authors, Think Tanks and Academic "Experts most of whom
are prejudice on one side of contentious issues.


U.S. unemployment rate

Question: Where is the discussion on the Nuclear Treaty?
Is Almost No Reporting by the Mass Media Fake News?

More from the Editor

The Trump victory was a reaction to liberal Democratic Identity Poetics.

Richard Nixon's election was a reaction to the liberal Great Society.

Many Trumps Tweets are Political Hyperbola, should be ignored
even though they are easy and good for ratings.

See Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
Was the Bush Family Trump Without the Rough Edges?

This is a part of the "Cycles of American History."

See Why Trump Won and American President

Trump is effectively unique.
Ben Franklin said we have "a Republic, if you can keep it."
It has never been easy or  more nations would accomplish it.

Examples of Cleaning the Swamp?
..and sharp cuts to the budgets of the State Department and the US Agency for International Development. Trump will emphasize hard power over soft, and he'll use deep cuts to federal health insurance, the federal pension system, and other social programs to pay for it. The Trump budget doesn't matter much, since Congress controls spending, but it's a good indicator of the president's policy priorities.
GZERO Medint:3/13/



Postscript: Over Time This Important Question Will be Answered
The Biggest Political Scandal in American History


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