1. Research Project Startup Directions

2.  Entering Data   3.  Calculating Descriptive Statistics  

4.  One-Sample t-Test   5.  Pearson's Correlation Coefficient

  I. Load Excel
  II.. Setting-Up Excel These are directions for an older version. May or may not be needed. e-mail antonw@ix.netcom.com
A. From the Menu Bar (row 2), choose Tools and Data Analysis. If Data Analysis is not there, click on Add-Ins under Tools, use the left mouse button to check Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak - VBA, and choose OK. 
B. From the Menu Bar (row 2), choose Tools and Customize. If necessary, use the left mouse button to remove the check from Standard and Formatting toolbars share the same row and choose close.
  III. Excel has five toolbars
A. At the top is the Title Bar (row 1) containing the default title Book 1, followed by the Menu Bar (row 2) containing File, Edit, etc.
B. Row 3 is the Standard Toolbar and row 4 is the Formatting Toolbar.
C. Row 5 is the Formula Toolbar.


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