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U.S. Economic Wellbeing: The Good & The Bad  Source: Economics Internet Library

Introduction to

Part 1. Economic Activity

1) Economics Defined

2) Economizing Scarce Resources

3) Market System Capitalism

Related Studies
Socialism, Capitalism
Creative Destruction

4) Demand and Supply

5 Economic Questions

6) Government's Economic Functions

7) Market System Participants

Macro Test Review Notes # 1

Part 2. Total Economic Activity

Prelude: Macroeconomics Overview

8) Measuring Total Economic Activity

9) The Business Cycle

Related Studies
Recession Chronology

Most Severe US Recessions

The Great Recession 3 p

Great Recession: Historical Perspective
Tale of Three Depressions

Market Bubbles

Coding Law and the Financial Crisis
Financial Crisis Courses

How US Got Out of Last 12 Recessions


10) Macro Equilibrium

11) Competing Macro Theories

12 Keynesian View Expanded

13 Money, Banking,  Money Creation

Related Studies
A Concise History of US Banking

Macro Test Review Notes #2  and
Macro Overview

Part 3. Controlling Economic Activity

14) Fiscal Policy

15) Monetary Policy

16 Stagflation and Supply-Side Economics

17) Budget Deficits

National Debt is a Catastrophe

18) Economic Growth

 Appendix A International Trade

Free Trade Analysis

Macro Test Review Notes #3 

Special Reports

Video Lectures

Economics, 1 & 2 Econometrics

Economic Thought, History of

Educational Audio, Videos

Environmental Economics

1. Subject Crib Notes
Political Economy Book Summaries
Political Economy
Pre Algebra

2. Capitalism Caused Middle-Class Plight

3. Western Civilization
began increased wellbeing and the need for economic decision.

3. Western Civilization
began increased wellbeing and the need for economic decision.



Bias     Work    Education    Health & Safety    Covid-19    Taxes    Debt    Poverty 

Fake News         Government    Strategy   Civility    Terror    2020 Election    Geopolitics

4. Business Subjects Course Materials

5. Election 2020

What You Should Know About

Election 2020 Economic Questions

Decision 2020 from

Harvard Recommendations

Presidential Elections 1788 -2016

Related Studies

Political Eras 1788-2019

US Political Economy Cycles

US Constitutional History
Magna Carte to Trump's SC Battle

Constitutional History of the US
From Jamestown to Selma, Alabama

Coding Law and the 2008 Financial Crisis
How the Law Created Wealth

How Democracies Die

6.Political Economy
 Fake News
Quantitative Misrepresentations
 from Some Media, Economist, Politicians Need Attention

National Debt is a Catastrophe
Wages Continue to Stagnate
Income Stagnation Continues

Theory Notes
1-2 pages per chapter
No Internet Links, Pictures, Videos

Macro Ch 1-7  
Ch 8 -13   Ch 14-18

Ch 19-22
   Ch 23-29  Ch 30-33

Current Economic Issues
News    Questions
Political Issues   Presidential Issue

Long-Term Issues

COVID-19 Planning Economic Recovery

Current Economic Issues
News    Questions
Political Issues   Presidential Issue

Long-Term Issues
 Question and Issues
Post WW 2 US Economic Normality

Post WW 2 World Economic Normality

Teachers Resources 


Microeconomics Notes

Part 1. Introduction to Microeconomics

19) Demand Elasticity Affects Revenue

20) Consumer Behavior Theory

21) How Cost of Production Affects Supply

22) Analyzing Profit

Micro Test Review 1

Part 2. Product and Factor Markets

23) Pure Competition

24) Monopoly

25) Monopolistic Competition

26) Oligopoly

27) Demand: Economic Factors

28) Wage Determination

29) Rent, Interest, and Profit

Micro Test Review 1

Micro Test Review Notes 2

Part 3. Government, Capitalism, Mixed Economy

30) Public Goods When Markets Fail

31) Market Based Externalities

32) Antitrust/Government Regulation

33) Distributing Income

Harvard Decision 2020 Recommendations

Micro Test Review Notes #3

Appendix A International Trade 

Special Reports

Working with Communism

Trade Troubles

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Economic Classics


Quick Notes

Research Methods


Subject Crib Notes

Political Economy Book Summaries


Political Economy

Pre Algebra




Theory Notes Only
1-2 pages per chapter
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Ch 1-7
Ch 8 -13
Ch 14-18

Ch 19-22
Ch 23-29
Ch 30-33

For Discussion
Capitalism Caused Middle-Class Plight

Western Civilization
began increasing wellbeing
and the need for economic decision

World Getting Better?

See Economics Internet Library

Part 3 Supplements

Look Out the Window Economics

History of US Political Economy

Current Economic Questions

Economics 1 and 2 Video Lectures

Economic Classics

Political Economy Videos

Current Economic News Raises Questions

Fake News Created Questions

Short-term Economic Question

Longer-Term Economic Questions


Middle Class Economics

What Happened to the US Economy


Page 1 Economics

St Louis FED

FED's Economic Finds

Field Guide to the U.S. Economy

The Popular Economist Newsletter

The Globalization Project

Solidarity Economy


Decision 2020

International Economics and
 the Macroeconomics of Open Economies

Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Basic Concepts

Open Economy Macroeconomics

Ongoing Debates

College Economics Topics materials by
Lauren F. Landsburg.
Arnold S. Kling (Costs of Production)