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Part 1 by Peter Zeihan June 12, 2020  
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To March or Not to March

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To Close or Not to Close 


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Part 2 Analyzing Inconsistent Data

"Something is rotten in ..."  US Medicine

CDC finally attempted to estimate the death rate for COVID-19.
Under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26% or 2.6 in 1,000.
Non-nursing home fatality rate is 0.13% or 1.3 in 1,000
People Under 50 it is 1 in 5,000
People With symptoms
 1 in 6,725
Almost all who die have underlying conditions.
Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident.

Will Deaths and Hospitalizations Follow and Be Proportional to Cases?

Medicare COVID-19 Payouts               worldometers
Medicare patients with
COVID-19 pneumonia- $13,000
COVID-19 with ventilator-up to $39,000
Only laboratory-confirmed CV-19 diagnoses reported
All  presumed possibly associated with CV-19 reported allowed under CDC guidelines
Two larger states

New York           


 In Texas, More Cases Means More Hospitalizations

If This Is Not the Second Waive,
US Could Be in
Deep Do-Do

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Many in England Feel Covid-19 is Overhyped

Deaths in 2017 Deaths from Covid-19 Preconditions        

 US Deaths     5 of Total

1. Heart 647,457 = 23.5%

2. Cancer 599,108 = 21.3%

3. Unintentional injuries 169,936 = 6%

5. Stroke, cerebrovascular  146,383 = 5.2%

Editor: When people in 2020 die with these preconditions, Covid-19 may or may not be classified as cause of death, as  reporting varies by country, state, hospital and morgue. This English study compared deaths in 1999-2000 with this CV year and found the totals are about equal.

Source In Proportion

Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt postulated that the virus burns out when it has infected 15-20% of the population.


3. A Look at Deep Do-Do

Will CV Be Our Top Virus Killer? return to top    Please Share

Virus          Deaths    ÷   P (m)  =  (R % died)   Deaths/Million     Will History Repeat
                                                                                                                      R x 330,000,000

Hong Kong Flu
1968-70     100,000
   ÷   198   = 0.000505             505                          166,000          3rd
Asian flu
957-58      116,000   ÷   172   = 0.00674               674                          223,000          2nd

Spanish Flu
1918-19      675,000   ÷   103   =  0.00655             6,500                     2,162,000          1st

2020           121,000        330   = 0.00036               367 and

4. Does COVID-19 Burn Itself Out





Much of the valuable conversation by respected specialists on Twitter
is not covered by any of the US media.
As with all communication, prejudice for is as much of a problem as prejudice against.
 It causes people to be directed toward their beliefs, They see little else.

CNN, Fox, and the Networks are all chasing advertising dollars.
What makes headlines and requires little analysis is best.
Even discussions on Bloomberg concerning Covid-19
are among people who really know little about Covid-19.

Total Confirmed Virus Cases is of little value.
Most news reports lead with it.
Normalizing total cases for population help a little,
but other measures are much more important.

Hospitalizations are far more important
though they are less so now because treatment is better.

There is no treatment for death!
But all deaths are not created equal.
But medical doctors will not hear of this.
A young person in the prime of life equals any person,
regardless of age and health. But,
some people measure days life days lost to COVID-19.
To them, young deaths means more days lost.

My problem is these contrasting ideas are not discussed.
Could CV burn itself out is not watched for or discussed.
How much worse is CV than the seasonal flew.
especially given the inconsistent poor data.