Career Basics Executive Summary
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My Next Move helps find a career path  
Mark Cuban Q&A at Oxford University
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Executive Summary
1) Hard and Soft Skills facilitate Career Success. 
The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn
is a skill and the willing to learn is a choice

Skills or Grades
Two B's, an A and a C 
Which is better?

Technical Skill Enhance the Liberal Arts

2) What you study and activities determine
skill levels determine success.

3) College No Guarantee of Success

4) Do what you like because our "Flat" very competitive
 world requires more effort for success. 

5) Most new jobs are in health care, education, STEM areas and retail.

6) Studies show most careers are enhanced by digital knowledge.
Start today by enhancing your
Geekability. How?
Learn and use
one software or Apps task per month.

Tutoring to Improving SAT testing ability
helps little
Associated anxiety may be a serious problem.

8) Choose a College/Major for which you are academically well prepared.
a) Grants and grades will be higher
b) Time to enhance non-academic soft skills
c) Contact with Professors increases

SAT Coaching Found to Boost Scores--Barely

Free test-taking help at Test Prep Internet Library

9) Social networking and a good mentor are important for success

10) Data that college is not a good investment has many students
attending a local often Community College.

Thanks author/edited Walter Antoniotti