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Economic Activity

Prod Possibility Frontier
Adjustments to Production Possibility Frontier
The Circular Flow of Income
Circular Flow and velocity
Individual Demand
Market and Individual D
Demand and Good Types
Determining Demand A
Determining Demand B
Det. Demand Review

Relating S & D

Price, Shortage, Surplus
Price Floors and Ceilings


Demand and Supply Affect Profit

Price Elasticity of demand

Elastic & Inelastic Goods
Elasticity &Total Revenue
Price Elasticity of Demand
Elasticity is Not Slope

Elasticity of Supply
Elasticity and Labor Markets

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
Indifference Maps and Demand

Producer and Consumer Surplus
Taxes are a deadweight loss

Price and Cross Elasticity
Income Elasticity of demand & Price

Total Economic Activity

GDP and Consumption
GDP and Investment
Marginal P and Multiplier
Consumer Price Index
Real and Nominal GDP
Who's Hurt by Inflation
Measuring GDP
Types of Inflation
Using the CPI
GDP Exclusions
CPI Drawbacks 

Fixed and Variable Costs Part 1
Revenue Part A
Returns to Scale Part B
Marginal Cost Part 3

Economies of Scal

Product and Factor Markets

Pure Competition Defined and Profit Part 4   
Pure Competition and Maximum Profit Part 5
Purely Competitive Adjustment Part 5b
Pure Competitive Adjustment Part 6

Monopolistic Competition - Part 1
Part 2

Tax Principles/Fairness


Comparative Advantage
Net Export Effect
Review of Trade

Foreign Exchange Markets
Domestic Protectionism

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Circular Flow Part 2
Derived Demand Part 3
Determinates of  Demand Part 4
Elasticity of Resource Demand Part 5
Resource Optimization Part 6
Income Distribution Part 7
Wage Determination- Competition Part 8
Wage Determination Monopsony Part 9
Minimum Wage Controversy Part 10
Minimum Wage Contraversie 2 Part 11
Wage Differentials Part 12
Labor Unions Part 13 

from gewalker72 at You Tube

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Macroeconomics Graph Video 
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