Two B's or an A and a C  Which is Better?

Many years ago I began asking my evening adult college students which was better, two B's or an A and a C.  Almost all said 2 B's. Then I rephrased the question. You need a serious operation; which do you want, a doctor average in bedside manner and average in operating procedure or one with a C in bedside manner and an A in operating procedure. I'll take the A and the famous Dr. House every time.

If the IRS has questions I want the best tax accountant I can find and their company auditing ability means little to me as does  their looks, personality ...

A young lady heard this example and at the break thanked me as she had been told that her poor math ability made her very average and being very good at English was not good enough. She also said page two of the Quick Notes Philosophy at the front of the workbook I had provided made her feel much better about herself. Sacrificing self confidence to make someone a little better at anything is one of the biggest mistake of our generation.

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