March 2 Virus Impact

 US Virus Efforts Start Slowly

South Korea Stops Virus in Three Weeks

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus
Spreading COV-2
Standard surgical masks cannot protect you,
 but can slow virus spreading
An infected person infects about 2.2 other,
 the flu spread rate is about 1.3. 

Will I Get it? About:
Children may be less at risk of infection.
Older citizens
and those with underlying health conditions seem to be most at risk
81% of the infected have mild cases. 
13.8% have shortness of breath,
 or require supplemental oxygen.
2.3% of people infected with COVID-19 die.


pidemics have been a fact of life
since the first human settlements.

As humans built cities and trade routes,
 the capacity for pandemics grew,
 and history is marred by many devastating outbreaks.

430 B.C. Athens A pestilence killed up to two-thirds population.

541 AD Justinian plague covered the Mediterranean world,

Middle Ages Black Death  recurrences over two centuries
claimed > 75 million lives.

16th -17th c European diseases
killed  up to
90% Native American.

1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic infected 1/3 of world and
100 million world wide and
500,000 in United States

Asian Flu kills 70,000 in US

Most Logical Mortality Prediction:
 "South Korea’s mortality rate from Coronavirus
 is close to 0.5% because of widespread testing.
That’s closer to what we’ll end up seeing in the US."
 Ian Bremmer