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Tools & Aids for Using the e-Handbook

This page presents alternative ways to navigate the Handbook and to work Handbook case studies. It also includes a link to software to extract information from the Handbook for teaching specialized courses. source:

  1. Common engineering questions.

  2. Keyword search.

  3. Gallery of graphics techniques, organized by problem category.

  4. Gallery of quantitative techniques, organized by problem category.

  5. Gallery of case studies, organized by problem category.

  6. Gallery of probability distributions.

  7. Tables for probability distributions.

  8. References

  9. Glossary

  10. Statistical Software

  11. Data Sets

  12. Course Builder

  13. Printer-Friendly e-Handbook Files

  14. e-Handbook on CD

  15. Change log (relative to initial publication of CD on 6/2003)

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