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Six Sigma from  Wikipedia provides a good overview.

New to Lean Six Sigma allows quick searches by topic.

MIT Video Course Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods

1-2  The Start of your lean journey 58:57
1-3  Guest Lecturer Dick Lewis and Clay Jones 48:50
1-4  Lean Thinking  59.11
1-6   Value Stream mapping fundamentals 22.50
1-7   New BalanceR Plant Tour 37.08
2-1,3,5  34.13  Lego Simulation
2-2  Lean Supply Chain Management  32:02
2-4 Lean Engineering Basics  38:16
3-2  Variability Simulation 31:34
3-3-1  Quality Tools and Topics  36:24
3-3-2  38:41
  22:31  Guest Lecturer Ida Gall
3-5  43:46  People at the Heart of Lean
  44:56  Implementing Lean


Quality Management Tools and Methods used in Six Sigma from Wikipedia

Within the individual phases of a DMAIC or DMADV project, Six Sigma utilizes many established quality-management
tools that are also used outside of Six Sigma. The following table shows an overview of the main methods used.