Who Is Responsible for Education in America

Note: People are listed in order of importance and educational spending
should be apportioned according to importance.

1) The Student
In a capitalist, democratic society, responsibility begins with the individual.


Their responsibility begins at conception, a time when both parents must be healthy. It continues while the child is brought to term, a time when the mother must be physically and emotionally healthy. While responsibility continues throughout the child's life, during the first few years the child must be raised in a caring, stimulating environment.



Everyone has a never ending responsibility for the educational well-being of our children, even if it is detrimental to their own particular endeavors.


and School Administrators

Being fourth doesn't make them less important, it recognizes that others have earlier important responsibilities. These two groups are combined because one can't succeed without the other.


Policy Makers

This group is last so others on the list can't avoid their responsibility.

  Authors Note: Intelligence is Normally Distributed. No amount of money can change this. The next time you judge our educational system, keep this fact in mind.
Average students are average, they can't understand algebra, and all the money in the world will not change this. Don't worry, algebra and the thinking it improvers, is required by less than 10% of the occupations. I'd rather be good with people.

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