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Three main forces blowing up global politics    

Recent Supreme Court Jurisprudence.

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Part 1

Three forces blowing up global politics

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from author/editor Walter Antoniotti

A Trio of Independent Disruptions
Opposition to immigrants, globalization, and
establishment leaders/institutions
 created disruptions.
America's 1990 dissatisfaction recently
spread to Europe
causing two years of volatile pubic fury.
This spread
compounds to an unpredictable degree
the possible disruption to
Europe and Western Culture.

Status and Social Cultural Apprehensions contributed to these disruptions. 
This caused  effected groups to lash out in a tribal like response.

An End to a Post WWII U.S. Led Moderation  some feel caused
A Return of Great Power Conflict to Early Cold War Levels
2  A
Declin in Western Economic Prosperity Growth

All three disruptions could last years Axion reported here, here and here.
Optimistic leaders thought and even hoped Trump, Brexit, or something else
would help moderate the disruptions.

Disruption Modification of Trump,  Brexit Voter Anxiety, and Immigrant Fears are difficult.
1. No opposing stability force seems forthcoming
An aging and shrinking developed world's population reinforces disruptiions
AI is caused employment anxiety
4. Climate change is increasing leader constitution.

A Longer View

More Radical View of Democracy

Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? 100 min video


Part 2
Recent Supreme Court Jurisprudence.

2000 Bush v. Gore: installed their preferred partisan presidency stating it
should not be cited as precedent.

2012 NFIB v. Sebelius: blew a giant hole in the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion
stoping Congress coerced states expansion

2013 Shelby County v. Holder: stop voting rule preclearance guting the Voting Rights Act
that did not
cite the Constitution.

2013 Citizens United v. FEC near-unlimited corporate election spending
on dark money propaganda but the rich have publically matched dark contributions.


A New Normal Era for Political Economy Will Be
Strongly Influenced by World Economic Control?

Russia, China Rivals or Adversaries?

Saving liberal democracy from the extremes
by the FT's Martin Wolf

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