History of U.S. Political Economy


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History of U.S. Political Economy


Basic Concepts
Building a Democratic Federalist Republic
Turning Points:
Colonial Period
Growing a Democracy
Growing a Nation
Protecting a Divided Nation

Our Constitution

Building a Constitution
Governing a Democratic Federal National Republic
Constitutional History of the United States

20th Century

Political Economy Chronology

Economic History

Major Events

Cost of Wars


Decades Historical Chronology


Economic Normality #1  1865-1900

Economic Normality #2  1900-1945  

Economic Normality #3 1945-2015  

Post WW 2 Economic Adjustments

Post WW2 World Economic Adjustments

U.S. Government and Politics

Do Economics Causes Fake News

Concise Studies
Economic Growth

American Unions

Will Inflation and Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

Will Debt Bring Down U.S. Capitalism?



Basics of Our Democratic Federalist Republic

Political Eras

1) 1788-1824
Political Influence Ends for Founding Fathers and England
South Has Success in Controlling Northern Business Interests

2) 1828-1852 Federalism vs. State's Right

3) 1856-1892 Civil War, Northeast Control,
Gilded Age Wealth Built on the Backs of Poor Women, and Children

4) 1896-1928 Progressive Populism Ends the Gilded Age
Business Power Returned After WW I.

5) 1932-2012 Safety Net Created and Flip Flops Continue
Political Polarity Increases

Trump's New Political Era?

President's Election/Contributions

1788-1824    1828-1852    1856-1892 

1896-1928    1932-1972    1976-2012 

Presidential Biographies

American Presidents
US Colonial Political Leaders


Political Book Reviews

Founding Fathers Political Parties Opinions