The percentage of students enrolling in college in the fall immediately following high school completion was 68.4 percent in 2014 (source).

During the 201617 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 1,018,000 associate's degrees; 1.9 million bachelor's degrees; 798,000 master's degrees; and 181,000 doctor's degrees (source). In 201314, postsecondary institutions awarded 96,900 certificates below the associate's degree level, 1.0 million associate's degrees, 1.9 million bachelor's degrees, 754,000 master's degrees, and 178,000 doctor's degrees (source).


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Women are increasingly employed in professions that used to be dominated by men.



The fundamental cause of the economic and financial crisis that began in late 2007 was lending by the finance sector that primarily financed speculation rather than investment. The private debt bubble this caused is unprecedented, probably in human history and certainly in the last century (see Figure 1). Its unwinding now is the primary cause of the sustained slump in economic growth. The recent growth in sovereign debt is a symptom of this underlying crisis, not the cause, and the current political obsession with reducing sovereign debt will exacerbate the root problem of private sector deleveraging.



Defunding Government Backfires On Wealthy (Mark Blyth Interview) he feels we are missin the boat on solar cells and green storage

American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview)  Dem didn't solve problems, income inequality, drugs, loss of jobs because of Urber and  Desire for full employment caused inflaton so in the fight against inflation created a flat world which screwed the workers.





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Fake News ORIGINATED WITH websites that were Astrosering created by fake websites to created to pump lies into the Net to be picked up by the "Internet Heard."

1) Nominal Definition Disagreement Example Trump Unemployment is more like 40%, media unemploymnet is less than 5%. MEDIA IS USING U1



"The Death of Expertise" on State of Mind"  Narcissism enhanced in the 1970's when equality went from equality
 before the law to all be are academically equal so what I believe is as good as what you believe. All expertise are
subject to questioning, especially doctors that fight Internet Hears d Opinions.

first 3 minutes of Why There Is No Accountability (Mark Blyth Interview)


American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview)












Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze at ...



Aldous Huxley interview-1958 (FULL)

An addiction expert explains the root causes of the opioid epidemic.




household-leverage-stockman-2014-may-26-annotated-600x360 Taxes Are Not the Problem Because Only 20% Contribute
20% Are Neutrally and 60% Are Receivers

How can people are unhappy when government supplements 60% of them. 
In addition many of those that do pay in do not pay much.
If and when the bill comes do, life will be much more difficult. 
The trade deficit of about $1,700 per person 
also added to how well citizens live and
 will hurt if debt forced inflation increase the cost of imports.


Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?

Some Do 
As SS and Medicare  Gets All The Money 
for the High Voting Elderly

Some Don't As Rural South Votes Less Government Check Out our State Which States Are Givers And- Which Are Takers

Many people are from poor rural southern states where many do not have insurance but they have an issues that are so important they give up economic gain.
1) Antiabortionist    
2) NRA advocates
3) Rural limited government advocates who want a sedimentary life 
4) Working poor, usually not insured, need to dislike the lowlifes below
     them that are gaming the system by collecting welfare. These people
     don't want a handout until they or someone they know gets sick and
     then they too game the system. These working poor do not mind that
     the upper middle class and rich game the system the most because
     the top is something to strive toward.
5. People who need to feel good about what they have accomplished by
    despising those on the bottom. Some climbed the latter, others work
     for daddy. 

Southern European states-- Italy, Greece, Portages, and Spain insist on voting their pocketbook to the detriment of society and
rich states--Germany and other northern European states do not want to pay the bill. In contrast, US, southern states do not only
not vote their pocketbook; they refuse help like Obamacare coming from the north. US south easily defeats the European south
in the economically stupid war!
Special Notes:
Many poor people don't collect Social Security because the die and while science will keep even poor people alive longer,
 their debilitating diseases will make them miserable and cost Medicare a fortune.

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