American Economy Outline
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American History from
University of Groningen

Original edition by Richard C. Schroeder. Revised and updated in 1989 by Nathan Glick,
who also wrote Part II: "Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers."

An Outline of American Government is a publication of the U.S. Information Agency and has been copied from their WWW-site and incorporated in the project From Revolution to Reconstruction (and what happened afterwards..). The original text has not been altered, but all useful links to other parts of the project have been made in the text.
We do not claim copyright on the text, only on our HTML-tagging of the text.



  1. Introduction
  2. How the United States Economy Works
  3. A Historical Perspective on the American Economy
  4. From Small Business to the Corporation
  5. Stocks, Commodities and Markets
  6. The Role of Government in the Economy
  7. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  8. The Changing Face of American Agriculture
  9. Labor in America: The Trade Unions' Role
  10. Foreign Trade and Global Economic Policies
  11. An Afterword
  12. Brief Reading List on the American Economy