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3 New York Times Bestsellers

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Management For Accountants

CPA's Guide to Developing Effective Business Plans is a one-of-a-kind book and software package that will help open a lucrative new niche for CPAs and other financial professionals.
Marketing for Accountants
the leading authority on marketing, practice development and practice management
Buzan's iMindMap is software that helps you think.
Accounting Magazines amazon.com has an extensive selection.
digitup Web Based Invoicing The Most Efficient Way to Organize, Invoice and Manage Clients
Books 2Taxes
Outsourcing Accounting Services Online
Quick Books Add-On Experts has many products for those using Quick Books.

Accounting For Business Owners and Managers

"In The Black" Book (PDF version) will make you more profitable.
Business Owners Profit Guide helps understand accounting and finance.
Accounting for Non-Accountants will quickly help business professionals. 
Business Owner's Accounting Course is very extensive.
Home Business Tax Saving.com--Learn how to reduce your taxes to the legal minimum.
White Smoke Writing Software - Write like an English Expert!

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TemplateZone office management software.
Small Business Software from Owl

Classic Menus for Microsoft helps the transition to new versions.

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Excel Business Spreadsheets

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Book Summary of the month is Financial Shenanigans from Get Abstract.

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Buy Big E-Z Monthly Bookkeeping

Dynacom small business accounting and management software.

Exclusive Offer – Free Quicken Will Maker ($79 Value) with Quicken Deluxe,
Premier or Home & Business Download Version + Quicken Discount


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Live Accounting Tutors can help with difficult problems.

Universal Accounting has complete programs to teach accounting.

Accounting for Non Accountants is a 20 hour e-course.

Accounting Learning Center has materials from amazon.com

Investigate e-textbooks easily as 1st chapters of E-Textbooks are FREE! Then purchase book and Save 50%.

White Smoke Writing Software - Write like an English Expert!

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