Macro 5.2- Foreign Exchange (FOREX)


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Published on May 10, 2012 by

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  • @fmovmhp

    I've hit about 600 pips a week and climbing. You just need a better system. The system I use always has consistent results. If you wana learn watch this video >

  • Ultimate cram session. Going on an ACDC marathon, sitting at 11:30pm, day before test, not gonna stop until I am a god of economics.

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  • the end scared the crap out of me.

  • the canadian dollar isn't increasing, the supply is increasing, pause the video at 3:07 you'll see that supply went up, but the new equilibrium has gone down, so canadian dollar has DEPRECIATED, supply went up, not dollar, you just mixed up your words when you were listening to him.

  • Not a bad cram session, however here i am 3.34 pm two hours before my exam cramming ;)

  • Best ending ever

  • Geez, seeing my teacher's face like the at the end scared the crap out of me

  • mother of god the reappearance of the face at the very end scared me

  • can someone explain a little more why supply for canadian dollars increase when demand for us dollars increase? is it because canadians use more of their dollars to buy american dollars?

  • Just in time for the exam. Subbe thanx

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