Thoughts on President Obama's Educational Reform

I agree with the idea of a longer school year but disagree with having a longer school day.
Studies have proven that two ninety day terms with a long summer vacation is academically inefficient.
It is also economically inefficient.
A longer school day does not take into consideration diminishing returns.
The attention span of many students decreases as the day wares on. 
Little additional learning, and for some, less learning would take place with a longer school day.

The present high school system has five fifty-minute academic classes per day for 180 days which yields (50 minutes)(5 days)(180 days) = 45,000 minutes per year.
The new system would have three 15 week terms separated by two-week vacations. The remaining six class days would be for holidays during the year or an added vacation time.
This 225 day school year would have five 45 minute classes with five minutes between each class. Total minutes per year would be (45 minutes)(5 days)(225 days) = 50,625.
This would be a 10% increase. Schools would run double sessions from 8 AM to 12 Noon an 1 PM to 5 PM. In the beginning, students would be required to attend 225 days per
year and teachers would be required to teach three sessions over 225 days but would have a shorter day. In time, both students and teachers worthy could be double up creating additional vacation time and/or early graduation.

Twelve years of public free education was a good number for many years and now that pre-school and kindergarten is required, elementary and high school should be ten years.
Student scold stop at sixteen or go on to higher education of some kind.

School  facilities would be used much more efficiently. In affect, school utilization would double. School districts with below standard facilities could close poor schools.
School officials would find many unique uses for  vacant classrooms, facilities, and teachers who want to earn extra money..


by Walter Antoniotti, creator of the Free Internet Libraries, author of the free Quick Notes Learning System books series, and President of 21st Century Learning Products.

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