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Statistics Test Review Notes

Statistics Tests with Answers are designed for use with these review notes.

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Review 1 Descriptive Statistics

Reading from the Net and Other Notes

Taxonomy of Statistics  reviews what you will be  studying

 Survey Design and Scientific Method

2 Nature of Statistics and Measurement 
3 Measurement Scales
Many users prefer to do the Quick Question first as they are a concise review of basic concepts. 

4 Frequency Distributions
5 Graphs

The following graphs are not covered by other notes. 
Stem and Leaf Displays
and Box Plots.
Dotplot Summaries Applet

10 The Mean
11 Other Measures of Location 

A little extra! Summation notation from HyperStat Online explains a type of notation used by some text books.

16 Measures of Dispersion     
17 Using Measures to Determine Variability   
22 Mean & Median and Mode for Grouped Data     
23  Nonsymmetrical Data and Skewness
Those skipping grouped calculations may skip section 3 of page 22.

A little extra! Rice Virtual Statistics Lab  has dynamic Java 1.1simulation of the Sampling Distribution and Confidence Intervals

28 Dispersion of Grouped Data  
29 Quartiles-Percentiles

Those skipping grouped calculations should 
start with  section 5C

A little extra! Rice Virtual Statistics Lab has dynamic Java 1.1demonstration on the
Confidence Interval on a Proportion

Formula Review for Descriptive Statistics page 34
People skipping grouped calculations may skip  questions 2, 7, and the second part of nine. Additional Practice Problems

 Review 2 Probability  

40 Introduction to Probability   
41 Addition Rule
Western Michigan U. provides these exercises
Random Variables
Discrete Populations (Probability Models)
More Parameters
Binomial Probability Model
Poisson Probability Model
Amazing Applications of Probability
46-7 Multiplication, Bayes' Law, Counting
52 Binomial Probability Distribution    
53 Poisson Probability Distribution          

58 Continuous Normal Probability Distribution  
59 Using z     
60 Finding z   
61 Normal Approximation to a binomial

66 Sampling Distribution of the Mean Mu     
67 Central Limits Theorem

A little more! Rice Virtual Statistics Lab  has dynamic Java 1.1demonstration on the Sampling Distributopm Simulation and Confidence Intervals
Sampling Distributions Simulations

70 Population Proportion  
71Sample Size

Burt Gerstman of San Jose State University has an interesting Review with Exercises
A little more! Rice Virtual Statistics Lab has dynamic Java 1.1demonstration on the Confidence Interval on a Proportion

Probability Formula Review

Additional Practice Problems 


Free Book Summaries- 3 New York Times Bestsellers

Inferential Statistics consists on Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics

Review 3 Parametric Statistics 
A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics. Inferential Statistics Dr. Timothy Placek of
Auburn University

84 Large Sample HT   

85 Two-tail test

Don't believe in the Null Hypothesis?  Dr. Ho Yu
Type I and Type II Errors Lecture Dr. T. P
Error Type Video from Bionic Turtle
t-dist vs. z-dist
Dr. T. P
O.J. trial and Hypothesis Testing

88 Two large samples   
89 Type 2 error  


94 one-tail of one sample proportion 
95 one & 2-tail of 2 sample prop 


98 one-tail, 1 small sample 
99 two-tail of 2 small samples, paired difference test

Degrees of Freedom from
Burt Gerstman of San Jose State University has an interesting
Review with






and  t Procedure Exercises.

102 x-bar chart    
103 R & p charts

Acceptance Sampling?

108 sample variances, ANOVA  
109 Difference between 3 means

Analysis of Variance
ANOVA simulation
114 Two-Factor Analysis of Variance   
115 example, comparing 3 means


Review 4 Nonparametric Statistics Review Notes
120 chi-square, Goodness of Fit   
121 Test for independence  
Least Squares Dr. T. P
Two-way tables applets
126 run test, one sample, one tail sign test  
127 Mann-Whitney test

132 two-tail of two sample sign test   
132 testing three medians using Kruskall-Wallis 

Study Design and Choosing Statistical Tests  from BMJ

Categorizing Problems and Choosing Appropriate Tests

Inferential Statistics Formula Review 

Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics

Additional Practice Problems
Study design from BMJ

Review 5 Correlation and Regression

146 Correlation  
147 Coefficient. of Determination 

Guess Correlation
Not covered by Quick Notes
Spearman's Rank Correlation -Wiki

Rank Order Correlation Calculator, click OK

152 Regression      
153 Interval Estimate of a conditional mean
Lines and Slope - Review is a introduction/reminder of graphing with slope and y-intercept.
Least Squares Regression Applet
Multiple Regression is not covered by Quick Notes.

Correlation and Regression Review Formulas

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