Specialized Search Engines
Information taken from the May 31, 2004 page 23 Business Week article Out-Goggling The Top Search Engine 
and an earlier article Quick Fixes for Web Info-Junkies  by Stephen H. Wildstrom.
Current Events and Breaking News
www.news.google.com from Google will give you a more specialized news media search than Google.  
www.daypop.com will narrow your media search even more than news.google.  
Subscription Search Engines have respected information.

Encyclopedia Britannica www.eb.com costs $60 a year.

www.worldbookonline.com cost $50 a year and serves a younger audience..
"GuruNet, a $30 subscription service, is another route to authoritative information, providing quick access to a variety of standard reference works, from the American Heritage Dictionary to Wolfram Research's online science and math encyclopedias. With GuruNet, searching doesn't require clicking on your browser -- and the results are ad-free. The program installs a small piece of Windows software. (A Mac version is due later this year.) After that, you can call up a reference simply by alt-clicking on any word on your screen or by entering a search term in a toolbar that hides at the edge of your desktop. Either way, a window pops open with basic information on the topic and choices for additional data. For example, a company name will give you company news and a stock quote, while a technical term will get a definition and an encyclopedia entry. GuruNet offers a fun feature for the intellectually curious by including Princeton University's WordNet lexicon. Like a dictionary, it gives definitions, but it also provides links to related terms or concepts, producing chains of information that can lead you far afield of your original query."
Other specialized Search Engines

Artcyclopedia is a Fine Arts search engines.

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