Professor A's  Choosing a College Guidance

Who is Professor A?

Choosing an undergraduate or graduate school

1) Where do I start?
Use Yahoo  School Search
to learn about the basic characteristics of the schools you are considering. 

2) Should I spend more than I can afford.
     While there are many positive aspects to attending a liberal arts college away from home,
     the economic return for such an investment is often negative. For many two years at home
     is aa much better economic decesion.

3) I have been accepted at a good school and am afraid I can't do the work.
Try not to attend a school in which you are in the bottom half of the freshman class. College is more than an academic experience
     and competing against students that are more academically oriented than you will deprive you of learning from these nonacademic experiences. 
     While standardized test are not a good predictor of success as measured by graduation, they do well predicting academic success.
     If your SAT is 1,050 and the average at a school is 1200, you may succeed, but your grades and non academic experiences may be low.     

4) Department A of State U has accepted my application and Department B which offers my preferred major has rejected my application. 
   I really like State U. What should I do? 
Most students change majors or end up working in a career field unrelated to their major. This said, attend Department A of State U, 
   work hard to maximize your cumulative grade point average, and apply for a change of major  to Department B.  

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