Election Issues 2016


Updated 12/10/15

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Economic Questions

Will Stagnate Income Hurt Our Children?

What is New Economic Normal?
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How Severe is the Great Recession?

Is $17 Trillion Dollar Deficit Trouble?

Is Our Country in Trouble?

Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?

Should Tea Party Share Its Tea?

Is Politics About The Money?

Education Questions

How Would Experts Redesign US Education?
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Appropriate 21st Century Education Axioms?

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One Plan to Educate the Class of 2034
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Is College Economically Worthwhile?

Is Financial Aid Welfare? 

Political Junkie Sites

Political Controversies

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Is Income Stagnation Serious?

Criticism of Modern Capitalism

Is Politics About the Money?

Criticism of Modern Capitalism

Capitalism and Political Economy Video




Presidential Politics Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012

Quick Notes History: Our Democratic Federalist Republic one page Use pdf for color printing

Political Economy Our Democratic Federalist Republic Free Internet Readings List

Voter-Matchmaking for Politics

11 Surprisingly Useful Apps for Political Junkies

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