Modern Western Civilization a Political Economic History
#1 Colonial Imperialism to and a Democratic Republic 1      #2 Aristotle Examined the Beginnings of Western Civilization
#3 Western Philosophers Organized the Transition     #4 Economists Could Not Agree     #5 Math and Science Fueled the Change
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Key Inventions Guttenberg Press1
Carrack Sailing Ships
    Advanced Communication    Internet
Economic System Feudalism1 Mercantilism /Bullionism.


managed currency/credit


Economic Theory

Manorialism had Lords with legal economic power supported financially from his landholdings with legal obligatory contributions of the peasantry.

Tariffs  increased powerful, helped private  "infant" industries. Trade was limited with industrial specialization providing growth.

Private property, individual liberty

backed by a constitutional
Property/Contract Rights
eventually yield to human
See Lochner v. NY
Free Markets Rule
GATT Globalism
WTO aid Agriculture
Surplus Agriculture + Gold +Luxuries   Diseases Cured, Basic Necessities Preventive Medicine Retirement

Church + Monarchy +Bankers

+Traders + Merchants + Corporations Wealthy Few + Politicians + Interest Groups + Social Media moguls
Control Method

Eternity in Hell or Heaven+ Physical punishment

+ Economic Rewards   + Political Rewards  + Self Interest

Surfs + Farmers + Guilds  +Bankers +Importers

   + Corporations  

+ Individuals


+ Military Spending 

        + Education Spending


   + Infrastructure

+ Sanitation + Health

+ R&D + Universal Education

+ Education + Security

Oligarchs Feared



-Social Networks

Key Asset Land + Gold Natural Resources + Transportation      
Energy Source

Water and Wind

+ Steam 

+ Electricity

+ Oil + Atom      + Nature
Industrial Catalyst Eng. Cotton mfgt avoided wool's monopoly constraints allowing innovation based on science    


See 1  Turning Points in Modern History  By: The Great Courses  Narrated by: Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius


A Portuguese carrack,
as depicted in a map made in 1565.





2B Aristotle Saw Trends.

See Aristotle, Politics    Book 1   Book 2   youtube book 1   youtube book 2.


2C. Aristotle Predicted Modern Western Civilization


#3 Western Philosophers Organized the Transition.







See Classical Economics and Its Forerunners

History of Economic Thought  97 min

350 Years of Economic Theory, Mark Thornton Mises Institute 55 min

"Fear the Boom and Bust": Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle  #2 27 min

Marx Through Hayek Mises Institute Podcasts

Liberty And Economics 37 min video

Economics for Libertarians 1   37 Min  # 2  27 Min

Cameron Weber presents A Critique on Karl Marx

























Source   Source


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Century                       Major Events
14th  Weather led to Great Famine of 1315 to 1317 leading to poor health and the Black Death and the beginning of the Hundred Years' War between England and France.
16 th
17th Little Ice Age