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MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2000... (Each chapter is roughly 2 mb)
Tip: To see what's in the MBA's Guide to Excel, first download and peruse the short introduction. Also, note that you need the starter workbooks zip file (see bottom of life) if you want to work with the models described in chapters 10 through 15.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: A Quick Primer on Using Excel

Chapter 3: A Quick Primer on Charting

Chapter 4: Statistical Analysis using Excel

Chapter 5: Financial Calculations using Excel

Chapter 6: Excel-based Business Modeling

Chapter 7: Sharing Excel Workbooks

Chapter 8: PivotTables and Pivot Charts

Chapter 9: Small Business Financial Manager

\Chapter 10: Building a Business Planning Workbook

Chapter 11: Building a Profit Volume and Break-even Analysis Workbook

Chapter 12: Forecasting Sales and Cost of Sales

Chapter 13: Building a Capital Budgeting Workbook

Chapter 15: Building Asset Depreciation Schedules

Starter Workbooks zip file


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