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See The phenomenon Donald Trump - did the media cause it?  Ulrik Haagerup  TEDxLinz


Introduction to Journalism
Class Central Free

Calling everyone interested in journalism:
This course taught by the University of
Strathclyde Glasgow. Run by a team of
internationally renowned scholars and
journalism practitioners, the class gives
 you a behind-the-scenes look.
Six topics: what makes a good story,
writing news, writing features,
opinion writing, politics and journalism
investigative journalism

Duration: 24 Hours / 6 Lessons

Journalism for Social Change
edX Free

Taught by, Berkeley's professor Daniel
Heimpel, using journalism and media
as an implement of social change.
Learn to drive political will toward
positive policy solutions and be an
effective change agent yourself.

Duration: 24 Hours / 6 Lessons

Journalism for Engaged Citizens
Coursera Major Tuition Varies

University of Melbourne, will teach you
basics of news writing, interview
to gain crucial information, develop
sources and use of legal rights
to access public information and
conduct a mock investigation.

Start Writing Fiction
Course Free Can Pay for Extras

How to develop ideas and reflect on
the writing and editing process.
Writers talk about approaches to
research and different plot strategies.


100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

Handbook of Independent Journalism