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Writing A Research Paper Using Data

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Foreign Student Associations

Univ. of Delaware has useful materials.

UK foreign students have Student Zone.

National Society of Hispanic MBA

Breaking News In English-ESL

English As A Foreign Language

"Learning and Teaching Styles in Foreign 
and Second Language Education,"

International Educators Associations

Non-US Fulbright Fellowships

Institute of International Education
has a students section.

National Association of Foreign Students Advisers
has a students section.

eduPASS: The SmartStudent Guide to 
Studying in the USA


Help From the U.S. Government

International Visitor Program

getAbstract-Read a book in 10 mins.!


Financial Aid
Welcome to International 
Education Finance Corporation

Foreign Student Associations

Asian Student Associations

Asian students international student organizations

East Coast Asian Student Union

University of Pennsylvania 
Asian Pacific Student Coalition

Thai Student Association of South Florida  
has links to other Thai student associations.

Korean Students Association Online

Egypt Student Associations

Egyptian Student Association in France

Egyptian Student Association in North America (ESANA)

Egyptian Student Association U. Michigan

University of Alberta

European Associations

 Hellenic Society of Dundee University

Interesting Sites
Indian Economy blog

and     English Video Lectures -TOFEL

Concise Books

Free Quick Notes Books  
help when English is readers second language.

Writing a Research Paper Using Data

Overview of a Research Project

Research Project Help By Academic Discipline  
will provide an overview of what you are going to do.

Research Methods Knowledge Base is a 
textbook for social science research methods. 
Also good for those doing MBA/DBA research
 plus a search engine.

Data may come from the Internet provides data sets and stories as examples for research projects.

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
will help with using the Internet for research.

Data may be collected
Research Randomizer  

 Questioners and  Surveys

Data must be analyzed

Selecting Statistics", 
by Bill Trochim (Cornell) is based on the
number of variables you are studying.

Overview of Statistical Procedure  provides a great review of available tests for your the variables.

Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics  
will help with choosing the correct analysis.

Analysis must be communicated

Research Paper 101
has help for those using MLA, APA and CBE documentation

MicrosoftTM Excel Directions
for a Sample Research Project shows 
some analysis that can be done with data 
collected for a research project.

Help With English

Breaking News In English-ESL

English As A Foreign Language


getAbstract-Read a book in 10 mins.!

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