Professor A's Guidance on Financial Aid

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Use Yahoo  School Search to print out the financial aid data of schools you are considering. 
Be sure to compare comprehensive fees with average need and non-need based gifts plus need-based loans.
This is the amount you will have to finance through state loans Pell grants.
Here is a comparison of how my former employer, Franklin Pierce College and my alma Mata, Marietta College, use financial aid to attract students.
25% of students from households earning $100,000 or more now attend community colleges, up from 12% five years ago.

This example was Researched a Few Years Ago. My guess is that both schools discount tuition about 30%.
Search for a free IRS 990 nonprofit tax return.

Sample Data is a little old but still appropriate.

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Franklin Pierce 


FPC's first Offer          

Marietta's first offer          
Comprehensive Fees $30,165 $26,838
Average Loans 4,802 3,258
Average need-based gifts and non-need-based gifts
Students the college wants fall into one of these two categories. For many colleges, the money for these funds comes from students the college isn't crazy about but can pay the full bill. These students do not receive college aid. Colleges pay a lot of money to consultants that design a financial aid program specific to their audience.
11,000 6,300    
Sub Total 15,802 9,558
Annual family contribution 14,363 17,280
Four year family contribution 57,452 69,120
Average debt upon graduation reported by graduates 20,815 17,643
Marietta College requires a larger contribution but their graduates have a smaller debts. Students attending Marietta have the ability to contributes a little more.

My debt upon graduating from Marietta College in 1966 was $3,000, about one half of my first years teaching salary.




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