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Statistics Books

Editor's Favorites
Quick Notes Statistics
 is my book so check it out first. It is a concise outline of basic statistics with many problems. 
Online Statistics: interactive Multimedia Course

Hyper Stat Online: An Introductory Statistics Book  

The Rest are also Great!
A New View of Statistics uses sports for examples.

Audio Books Top Selling

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

Curve Fitting/

Dig Stats
 has a concise presentation of material and great real world activities. 

Electronic Textbook from StatSoft TM

From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical

Modeling in Computer Science

Online courses focused on patient safety and quality improvement
from George Mason University

Online courses focused on statistics & data analysis
from George Mason University

Online courses focused on informatics and electronic health records
George Mason University

Probability, Introduction to

Probability and Statistics

Psychological Statistics is designed for Minitab.

Probability and Statistics

Randomness-Optimal Estimation in Data Sampling

Quality Control Notes  

Quantitative Information Analysis III

Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications

Statistics Notes

Statistics Study Guide, Pink Monkey

Statistics Tests with Answers help prepare for tests.

Statistical Thought, Introduction to

Statistics Tutors can help


Quick Notes Statistics Courses

Excel Statistics Course

Minitab Statistics Using

SPSS Statistic  

TI-84 Statistics

Statistics Books Using Software

Excel Statistics Lab Manual
has problems from Quick Notes Statistics,
 is written Excel with Excel directions, solutions,
 links to study material, and more. 

Doing Statistics With  Excel
covers the basics.

Introductory Statistics: 
Concepts, Models, and Applications
uses SPSS. 

Electronic Statistics Textbook from Stat Soft

Psychological Statistics
is designed for Minitab.

designed for MiniTab, is easy to use.

SPSS, Getting Started With

SPSS, TI-84, MiniTab, SAS, StataQuest, and Excel Video Tutorials

Other Statistics Books Using Software

Statistics Material- Graduate from Dr. Arsham

Business Statistics
relates statistics to decision making.

Leadership Decision Making 

Business Forecasting
is concise and
 + links to related business subjects.


Statistics Video Lectures Using Excel

The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual

  Other Free Business Stuff   

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One-page Election 2016
Issues from Quick Notes
Executive Summary

Economic Analysis

Child & Youth Well-Being  
Children, Will Stagnate Income Hurt?

Economic Wellbeing
Income Stagnation
Lack of Good Jobs

Political Controversies
Has America Lost Her Greatness?    
Income Inequality Analysis and Cures  

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Should Tea Party Share Its Tea?     
Is Politics About the Money?
Is Income Stagnation Serious?   
Criticism of Modern Capitalism   
Is Politics About the Money?
Capitalism/Political Economy Video    
How Severe was the Great Recession?

Education Analysis
A Proposal for Change

Leaders Educational Advise 
Ten Commandments of Education 
World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared 
4. Educating the Class of 2034   
Epilogue Leader Educational Observations

Is College Economically Worthwhile?    

Is Financial Aid Welfare?