Environmental Problems

Data Shows Little Progress

Media Responsibility Questioned

Science, Not Green, Is Solution

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Media Responsibility  Questioned

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Data Show Little Progress

Paris Agreement on Climate is a Sham

Coal and Oil Energy Consumption
Continues to Increase


So Does CO2

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Continue to Increase


Media Responsibility Questioned



Media Missed This Science
Editor's Note: 50% WV may be overstated

Media Irresponsible Again

Cost of Net Zero Ignored

Science, Not Green, Is Solution

Scientists Disagree on Climate Change Eventual Cost

RD Energy Research is Minimal



Europe's coal imports Increasing in 2022
Ukrainian exports of coal to Europe increased from 54,000 tons in April to 82,000 tons in May.
By comparison, Ukraine exported 11,300 tons of coal to Europe in all of 2021.

The Bottom Line?

Is the Cost Exaggerated

Little Progress

023 Department of Energy Critical Materials Assessment


CO2 Not The Problem?
Editor's Note: 50% WV may be overstated



13) Judith Curry: How Climate “Science” Got Hijacked by Alarmists - YouTube

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