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Fake News Created Questions

Short-term Economic Question

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Economics Internet Library 2/4/19   
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Current Economic News Questions

1. 2017 Was a Very Good Year"

2. 2017 Left Warning Signs

3. Inflation's Could Mean Trouble?

4.Stock Market Run Continues

5.Large Economies Fear Slowdown

Fake News Created Questions

Unintended Fake News

1. Wages Stagnation

2. National Debt is a Catastrophe

3. Wages Continue to Stagnate

Short-term Economic Question
Preface: Do Economists Lie?

1. Trump Economy In Good Shape?

2. Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?

3. Inflation Back Means Trouble?

4. Stock Market Too High?

5. U.S. Headed for Recession?

6. Trade Troubles

7. Dollar Privilege Continuation

8. Illegal Immigrants Disposition

9. Income Inequality Affecting Growth?

Longer-Term Economic Questions

1. Will Inflation and Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

2. Will Debt End U.S. Capitalism?

3. Jobs Loss to AI Growth

4. Dollar Privilege Continuation

5. Disposition of Illegal Immigrants

6. Illegal Immigrants Disposition

7. Is Income Inequality Affecting Growth?

Next recession around the corner 24 min

10. New: Liberal Democracy in Peril?

Post WW 2 Global Economic Growth,
Competitive Adjustments and Populism

Post WW 2 Economic Chronology

Neoliberals Caused Financial Collapse

Democracy Failures Caused Popularism

Understanding Left Right Populism

Populism is the Rise

Trump's New Political Era?

12. Russia, China U. S.
Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies

Rivals Play by the Same Rules,
Adversaries Have No Rules,
Enemies Fight

1. American Lies to Betrayal of Russia    

2. China Today and Tomorrow     

3. Trump's Russian Politics

4 Politics at Yalta    

5. Understanding China





Middle Class Economic Questions

Is Middle Class Wealth Fall a Crisis?

Is Wage Stagnation a Causes?

Can Wage Stagnation Be Solved?

Is Safety Net Appropriate?

Middle Class Treated Fairly?

Capitalism Cause Middle-Class Plight?

Capitalism/Magement Lowered Wages?

Less Good Jobs?

Rights/Wrongs Dismal Science Video



Middle Class Treated Fairly?

Capitalism- Middle-Class Plight? 

Capitalism/Management Lowered Wages?

Look Out Window Economics

Economics Exposed

Everyone is on Welfare

Is Financial Aid Welfare?

College Tuition Not Going Up Rapidly

Over Spending on Terror?

War on Terror

Episodes Since 1900

Terrorism Against West 1975-2015

The Art of War

Gun Violence Affects Police

U.S. Wars