Primary Skills

Formal Education Beyond High School
Not Required for 66% of the 2008-2018 Job Openings 
                    Bureau of Labor Statistic PDF (3.5M), page 15

It's Time to for a  Change




1) Grades one to eight can not be so academic that students drop out.

     A. Grade level exams should be limited to basic skills.
          1. Diminishing returns and  diminishing marginal utilit
              of students vary dramatically and there is plenty of time
              as no matter how much students
learn, being able to learn 
              is all that matters. I guarantee that I learned a larger percentage
               than student graduating today as  there is at least five times as
               much information.
          2. Time will be available for nonacademic life skills.

     B. Verbal skills for a grade level must be mastered
          before arithmetic skills are taught.

     C. Basic arithmetic skills for a grade level must be mastered 
          before skills from any kind of algebra, geometry, finite 
          mathematics, probability or any other academic discipline 
          are taught.

     D. Other academic disciplines skills and life skills should be
          determined by local school districts.
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